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Tesla Walk-Away Door Lock, Autopilot Not Working in 2022.36.6 for Some Owners

Tesla’s latest 2022.36.6 software update appears to be causing bugs for some owners, resulting in features such as walk-away door lock, Autopilot and Cruise Control not working as intended for Model 3 and Model Y owners. Numerous threads on Reddit detail how Autopilot won’t activate and Cruise Control showing “unavailable”, when single-tapping and double-tapping the […]

Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.3 Launches for Regular Testers [VIDEOS]

Tesla started rolling out its 2022.40.4 software update yesterday, which brings Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta to its regular testers for the first time. Previously, we reported FSD beta was pushed out for internal employee tester vehicles, hinting at an imminent launch for the wider FSD beta pool. We’re now seeing numerous first drives with FSD […]

2022.36.15 Tesla Update Debuts FSD Beta 10.69.3 for Employees

Tesla on Monday evening released its 2022.36.15 software update, which includes the anticipated Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta version 10.69.3 for employees. According to @Teslascope, this FSD beta 10.69.3 update is being released to Tesla employees in Canada and the USA, based on vehicles in its fleet that received the update. Tesla employees can opt to […]

Tesla Debuts New Icon to Possibly Show Regen Blended Braking

Image credit: Tesla Girl (@somi_teslagirl) Tesla looks to have introduced a new status bar icon with its 2022.40.1 software update, for users in Canada. According to an image shared by Tesla Girl (@somi_teslagirl) on Wednesday evening, she asks followers what the new icon shown above represents. We see a bolt outlined with dots and lines […]

2022.36.5 Tesla Release Notes Now Available

Tesla on Wednesday afternoon started to roll out its 2022.36.5 software update and now we have release notes. The 2022.36.5 release notes can be seen below, thanks to Tesla North reader Mikhail Babaian. They are the same as 2022.36.1 released back in the first week of October: Caraoke: Model S/X Energy App: new graph and […]

2022.36.4 Tesla Update Rolling Out

Tesla started rolling out its 2022.36.4 software update on Saturday, as noted by @Teslascope. A vehicle from the third-party software’s customer base in Australia saw the update, on a 2022 Model 3 Standard Range. We noticed a new Tesla software update 2022.36.4 on a Model 3 SR (2022) in Victoria, Australia. View the rollout of […]

2022.20.18 Tesla Update Brings FSD Beta [Release Notes]

Tesla has started rolling out its 2022.20.18 software update, which contains Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta, as noted by @Teslascope. According to a screenshot from Cameron (@twn675), FSD beta release notes are the same as its predecessor, This release appears to have undocumented changes and improvements. @teslascope it’s — Cameron (@twn675) […]

Tesla Adds ‘Suggested’ Destinations in 2022.28.2 Update

With Tesla’s regular software updates come gradual improvements, and one new version builds off of the automaker’s recently improved navigation system in its vehicles. Tesla added suggested destinations in its software update version 2022.28.2, as detailed in a report on Wednesday from Not a Tesla App. In the report, the publication notes a user named […]

Closer Look: Tesla Supercharger ‘Busy Times’ Chart in 2022.36

A coming software update has added a useful pop-up feature for Tesla’s Superchargers, showing new details that weren’t previously included. Tesla software update 2022.36 includes a newly designed pop-up map feature for Supercharger locations, as detailed by Not a Tesla App on Monday. The pop-up map includes information such as the number of available charging […]

Tesla to Revamp Energy App in 2022.36, Showing Breakdown of Usage

Tesla appears to be releasing a revamped Energy tab, that shows a breakdown of electricity usage. A leaked image was shared by @Teslascope, claiming to be from an upcoming 2022.36 software update. The screenshot is from an internal build of the company’s software. “A leak from an internal build on the 2022.36 software branch showcases […]

Tesla Now Alerts When Pedestrian Warning System Unplugged in 2022.28.2

As of software update 2022.28.2, Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) with a Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) installed can detect whether the associated speaker is disconnected and notify the user if it is (via Reddit). Many Tesla owners find the PWS annoying (as do many of the people who hear it in action), so disconnecting its speaker isn’t […]