SpaceX Falcon 9 Record: 20th Flight and Landing by a Single Booster

SpaceX has achieved a significant milestone in spaceflight sustainability and reusability by completing the 20th launch and landing of a single Falcon 9 first stage booster. This historic event occurred on Friday, April 12, at 9:40 p.m. ET, when the Falcon 9 rocket successfully deployed 23 Starlink satellites into low-Earth orbit from Space Launch Complex […]

Anaheim Police Launches Tesla Model Y Patrol Car Pilot

Image via r/roketman117 In response to a significant shortfall in patrol vehicles, compounded by national supply chain issues, aging fleets, and delayed delivery of new cars, the Anaheim Police Department (APD) has embarked on a pilot program testing the Tesla Model Y as a potential patrol vehicle. The APD’s vehicle shortage prompted the department to […]

Tesla Launches FSD Subscriptions in Canada for $99

Tesla has launched Full Self-Driving (FSD) subscriptions in Canada, as promised. It was a busy Friday for Tesla, as the company slashed FSD subscription pricing in the U.S. to $99 per month, down from $199. Shortly afterwards, Tesla revealed this $99 pricing would also apply to Canada. On Friday night, Tesla enabled FSD subscriptions in […]

Tesla Cuts FSD Subscription Pricing to $99; Referral Reward Drops 40%

Tesla has just cut Full Self-Driving (FSD) subscription pricing to $99 USD, which is a 50% drop compared to its previous $199 pricing. If you go into the Tesla app under Upgrades, the Subscribe tab is showing Full Self-Driving Capability at $99, as shown by @BLKMDL3. FSD subscription is now officially $99/month!@elonmusk @Tesla — […]

Tesla Adds Sport Seats for Model S Plaid, Retrofit Coming

Tesla has unveiled an addition to its high-performance Model S Plaid – the new Sport Seats designed specifically for enthusiasts of high-speed driving and precision cornering. The announcement highlights the seats’ enhanced lateral support and modular architecture, ensuring both comfort and support. These seats maintain the standard 12-way power adjustability, heating, and ventilation features, but […]

2024 Tesla Model 3 Performance for Europe is Coming Soon

Tesla some updates coming for the new Model 3 Performance for the European market, as disclosed by Julien (@eivissacopter) on X. The update reveals more about the Performance version new Model 3, notably labeled as the “M3H Performance” by Tesla, with no mention of “Ludicrous” as seen on badging in the U.S. The upgraded European […]

Tesla 2024.3.15: FSD 12.3.4 for New Model 3, Legacy Model S/X

Tesla has started rolling out the newest version of Full Self-Driving (FSD) for its reengineered 2024 Model 3, plus legacy Model S and Model X owners. This FSD (Supervised) update is part of the 2024.3.15 software update rolling out. Many owners confirmed the expanded release of FSD (Supervised), such as @Scarantino, who said, “Reengineered Model […]

Tesla Launches RWD Model Y Long Range in Europe

Tesla has launched a new version of the Model Y for Europe, a Long Range version that’s only rear-wheel drive. The company said on Thursday this variant has “Maximum range that allows you to commute all week without charging—at an even more accessible price.” You get 600 km range based on the WLPT testing standard […]

SpaceX Falcon 9 Record: 20th Flight and Landing by a Single Booster

SpaceX has achieved a significant milestone in spaceflight sustainability and reusability by completing the 20th launch and landing of a single Falcon 9 first stage booster. This historic event occurred on Friday, April 12, at 9:40 p.m. ET, when the Falcon 9 rocket successfully deployed 23 Starlink satellites into low-Earth orbit from Space Launch Complex […]

Philippines Brings Starlink Internet to 15 Aurora Province Schools

The Philippines Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has successfully equipped fifteen remote schools in Aurora province with high-speed internet connectivity, leveraging SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet. Each school received a Starlink satellite dish, router, a one-year complimentary internet subscription, and a Wi-Fi extender. This major upgrade opens a new chapter for teachers and students in […]

SpaceX Applies for Internet Permit for Starlink in Indonesia

SpaceX has formally submitted an application to the Indonesian government for an internet service provider (ISP) license for its satellite-based internet service, Starlink, according to Indonesia’s Ministry of Communications. This move signifies Starlink’s continuing push into the Southeast Asian market, following its service launch in Malaysia last year and a partnership agreement with a Philippine […]

Starlink Launches Expert Installation Service

SpaceX has introduced an exclusive Expert Installer service for its Starlink satellite internet, available only for residents in Ohio, at the cost of $199 USD for residential homes. This new service is aimed at assisting both new and existing Starlink users with the installation process. The Expert Installer service connects Starlink customers with professionals who […]

FCC Halts SpaceX Spectrum Bid, Demands Public Rulemaking Process

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has mandated SpaceX to undergo a formal rulemaking process if it wants more spectrum for Starlink. The decision comes after the FCC rejected SpaceX’s application to use the 1.6GHz and 2GHz radio spectrums due to a technicality, highlighting the need for public commentary before any decision can be reached. SpaceX’s […]

SpaceX Building Spy Satellite Network for U.S. Intelligence: Report

SpaceX is reportedly constructing a sophisticated network of spy satellites, worth $1.8 billion, for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), reports Reuters, citing numerous unnamed sources. The NRO is a U.S. intelligence agency responsible for satellite intelligence management, according to five sources familiar with the program. The project, led by SpaceX’s Starshield unit, signifies the company’s […]

Tesloid Black Friday Sale Offers 25% Off Store-Wide

Tesloid, which makes accessories for Tesla vehicles, has launched its Black Friday sale, offering an enticing 25% off discount site-wide. Customers can jump on this discount by using the coupon code TS25 at checkout. Additionally, Tesloid is providing exclusive deals on winter tires. On, customers can use the coupon code TIRE150 to receive a […]

Tesla Model Y Cargo Mats from Tesloid: Save 10% Off

The first thing after placing your order for a new Model Y is to buy some mats to protect your new baby, ahead of your delivery date. Tesloid has a range of custom-designed mat sets for the Tesla Model Y. These mats are tailored to fit different model variants, offering both style and enhanced protection […]

Tesla Winter Tire Packages for Model 3/Y from Tesloid

Online retailer Tesloid has specialized winter tire packages for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles to improve safety and performance during winter. For the Model Y, the package is priced at $3,149.99 CAD or $2,349.99 USD. It includes four Michelin X-Ice Snow Tires on 19-inch Gemini OEM rims and includes four Tire Pressure Monitoring […]

Tesla Model 3, Model Y Winter Tire Packages: What to Buy?

Tesloid is offering specialized winter tire packages for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, aimed at enhancing driving safety and performance in winter conditions. For Tesla Model Y owners, the package is priced at $3,149.99 CAD or $2,349.99 USD. It includes four Michelin X-Ice Snow Tires mounted on 19-inch Gemini OEM rims, along with […]

Elon Musk Biography by Walter Isaacson Now 30% Off on Amazon

A biography of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, penned by renowned author Walter Isaacson, is currently on sale for 30% off its list price on Amazon. Originally priced at $35.00 USD, the hardcover edition is now available for $24.48, allowing buyers to save $10.52. The biography, released on September 12, 2023, has garnered a […]

Tesla Model 3/Y Floor Mats from Tesloid: Save 10% Off

Tesla accessory maker Tesloid has line of tailor-made floor mats that are as hardworking as they are stylish, and they’re available for both Model 3 and Model Y owners. Tesloid’s 3D Extreme Performance Floor Mats are all-weather protectors that offer precision fit, high durability, and sleek design elements, allowing owners to combine form and function […]

Tesla Model 3/Y Frunk Luggage Bags: Save 10% Off Tesloid

Model 3 Frunk Luggage from Tesloid Designed with travelers in mind, the Model 3 and Model Y Frunk Luggage Bags Sets from Tesloid are crafted to optimize and elevate your travel experience. Whether you’re setting off on a spontaneous road trip or catching a flight for the weekend, these bags promise unmatched convenience. Key Features: […]

Tesla Model 3/Y Seat Covers from Tesloid: Save 10% Off

If you want to customize your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y seats, check out some seat covers from Tesloid, available in white or red for each vehicle and priced at $249.99 USD. Here are the highlights of these Tesla Model 3 and Model Y seat covers from Tesloid: Fitment: The seat covers are designed […]

Rivian Beats Q1 Delivery Expectations, Hits 100,000 Car Milestone

Rivian has achieved a significant milestone, producing 100,000 cars, as it surpassed Q1 delivery expectations despite concerns over the electric vehicle (EV) sector’s growth. The company delivered 13,588 vehicles in the first quarter ended March 31, outperforming the forecast of 12,415 units by 16 analysts from Visible Alpha. This growth was driven by strong demand […]

Rivian Tesla Supercharger Access Goes Live

Rivian owners can now access select Tesla Superchargers in the U.S. and Canada, expanding the availability of charging for owners of the former’s electric vehicles. Tesla announced on Monday, “Select Superchargers now available for Rivian owners,” directing owners to “Download the Tesla App to charge,” by clicking here. At the end of February, Tesla shared […]

Rivian R2 Reservations Surpass 68,000 in Less than 24 Hours

Yesterday, Rivian unveiled the next electric line up in its pipeline, the new R2, alongside the R3 and R3X. In less than 24 hours, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe said on Friday that over 68,000 R2 reservations have taken place. Customers are able to reserve by placing a refundable $100 US ($150 CAD) deposit. “Overwhelmed by […]

Rivian Reveals R3 and R3X Compact SUVs

Rivian R3 Rivian wasn’t done today by just revealing the R2, but it also unveiled the R3 and R3X, smaller versions of the former. “R2 is just the beginning. Say hello to R3,” said Rivian. Check out photos below: But Rivian wasn’t done there. The R3X was revealed as well. “We designed R3X for maximum […]

Rivian R2 Revealed, Pricing from $45,000

Rivan has revealed its R2 electric SUV today, confirming some previously leaked specs. The R2 can go from 0-60 in under 3 seconds and offer up to 300+ miles of range, while offering seating for five people. Rivian says deliveries are expected to begin in the first half of 2026, which is two years from […]

Rivian R2 Specs, Pricing Leak Ahead of Official Reveal

Speculation surrounding Rivian’s upcoming electric vehicle, the more compact R2 SUV, intensified after a leak on their website Monday evening, as reported by Chris Hilbert. The anticipated R2, set to be officially unveiled on March 7, has seen key specifications and pricing details leak on Rivian’s own website, before the info was taken down. The […]

Ford Recalls Some F-150 Lightning Trucks Over Fire Risk

Ford is conducting a safety recall for certain 2023 F-150 Lightning vehicles, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) confirmed. This recall, identified by NHTSA Campaign Number 24V-144, addresses a potentially dangerous issue where the fasteners securing the junction box bus bars inside the high-voltage battery pack may not be adequately tightened. This defect could […]

Ford Kicks Off Tesla Supercharger Access for its Electric Vehicles

Ford CEO Jim Farley announced today that Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning owners in the US and Canada can now access Tesla Superchargers (V3 and V4). Starting today, eligible owners and lessees can reserve a complimentary Fast Charging Adapter through Ford’s dedicated website, enabling them to use over 15,300 upgraded Tesla Superchargers across North America. […]

Ford Cuts Mustang Mach-E Prices, Offers 0% Financing

Ford announced significant price reductions for its 2023 Mustang Mach-E electric SUV on Tuesday, aiming to enhance its competitiveness against Tesla and attract budget-conscious consumers. The price cuts range from $3,100 to $8,100 USD across different models, effective immediately, as per the pricing chart shared with Ford’s dealer network. To further entice buyers, Ford Credit […]

Ford CEO: Forget Tesla and FSD, Our Pro Fleet is the Future

In a bold statement to Wall Street, Ford CEO Jim Farley emphasized the potential of Ford’s “Pro” fleet business as the future of the automotive industry, urging investors to shift their focus away from Tesla and its Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology. Speaking at a Wolfe Research conference, Farley highlighted the significant growth of Ford Pro, […]

Ford Starts Giving Free Adapter for Tesla Superchargers

Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley, announced today on X that owners of the Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning in the United States and Canada will soon be able to reserve a complimentary Fast Charging Adapter. This move comes as part of Ford’s initiative to grant its electric vehicle (EV) customers access to Tesla Superchargers, enhancing the […]

Ford Cuts Workforce for F-150 Lightning Amid Sluggish Demand

Ford is aligning the production of its F-150 Lightning electric truck with current customer demand, while also maintaining the capacity to scale up production of its gasoline-powered and hybrid F-150 trucks as needed, said the company on Friday. In 2023, Ford said it was America’s second-best-selling electric vehicle brand (far behind leader Tesla), with the […]

GM Sues San Francisco Over $108M Tax on Self-Driving Unit

General Motors has initiated legal action against the city of San Francisco, contesting a $108 million tax levy imposed over a span of seven years. The automotive giant claims the city unjustly linked the tax to a portion of its global revenue due to the presence of its Cruise self-driving unit, despite GM’s minimal operational […]

GM’s Cruise Cuts 900 Jobs from Self-Driving Unit, 24% Gone

Cruise, General Motors’ troubled self-driving car subsidiary, announced it is laying off approximately 900 employees, equating to 24% of its workforce. This decision is part of the company’s strategy to reduce costs and restructure operations following an incident on October 2, which involved a pedestrian being struck and dragged by one of its autonomous vehicles. […]

Cruise’s Co-Founder and CEO Has Resigned

Kyle Vogt, the co-founder of Cruise who led the company from a startup to its acquisition by General Motors (GM), has resigned from his CEO position. This development was revealed in an email Vogt sent to employees, as reported by TechCrunch, which obtained a copy of the email. Following Vogt’s departure, GM Chair and CEO […]

Cruise Continued Robotaxis Despite Child Detection Issues: Report

Cruise, a subsidiary of General Motors, has come under scrutiny for the safety of its autonomous vehicles (AVs), particularly regarding their ability to detect and appropriately respond to children. Internal documents obtained by The Intercept have revealed that Cruise’s driverless cars have struggled to recognize children, posing a risk of collision in certain scenarios. The […]

GM and Honda Pull the Plug on Budget EV Collaboration

General Motors (GM) and Honda Motor have terminated their plans to collaboratively develop affordable electric vehicles (EVs), citing slower-than-anticipated demand and shifting market conditions. The decision comes approximately 18 months after the initial announcement of the partnership. The collaboration aimed to leverage GM’s next-generation Ultium battery technology to manufacture millions of sub-$30,000 EVs for global […]

2022-2023 Chevy Bolt Charging Cords Recalled in Canada

Transport Canada has issued a recall notice, numbered 2023-486, for 1,241 SUVs in the country, specifically affecting the Chevrolet Bolt EUV models from the years 2022 and 2023. The recall was initiated by General Motors on August 31, 2023, and last updated on September 13, 2023. The issue centers around the portable charging cord that […]

GM Recalls 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ for Pedestrian Alert Software Issue

General Motors (GM) has issued a safety recall for its 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ vehicles, affecting an estimated 62 units. The recall was initiated on October 12, 2023, under the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Recall No. 23V-682. The company has identified a defect in the Body Control Module (BCM) software calibration that compromises pedestrian […]

Honda, GM and Cruise to Launch Robotaxis in Japan

General Motors, Honda and Cruise announced today that they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a joint venture for a driverless ridehail service in Japan. Pending regulatory approvals, the new company is expected to be established in the first half of 2024 and aims to begin operations in central Tokyo in early […]