GM Seeks to Recruit Tesla’s Former Interns Amid Layoffs

General Motors is actively seeking to recruit software interns impacted by Tesla’s recent downsizing.

Laura del Amo, a talent sourcing strategist for GM, made a public appeal on LinkedIn targeting software students affected by Tesla’s decision to terminate its summer internship program. This move comes as Tesla recently announced a reduction of more than 10% of its workforce, sending waves through the industry.

Del Amo’s post highlighted GM’s commitment to integrating diverse talents into its team, emphasizing the strength of the automotive community. This initiative by GM appears to be part of a broader strategy to capitalize on the experienced talent now available in the market due to Tesla’s cutbacks.

“In light of recent industry news, GM is extending an invite to software students who may have been impacted from the changes in Tesla’s upcoming summer internship cohort,” said del Amo (via Automotive News). “We believe in the strength of our automotive community and are keen to integrate diverse talents into our team.”

GM has not only targeted former Tesla interns but has also successfully recruited high-level executives previously with Tesla. Notably, GM hired Kurt Kelty, Tesla’s former senior director of battery technology, as its vice president of battery operations. Additionally, Jens Peter Clausen, another former Tesla executive, was recently appointed as GM’s new manufacturing head.