Tesla Model S Plaid vs 200mph F1 Drone: Drag Race

Who would win if a Tesla Model S Plaid takes on the world’s fastest camera drone in a drag race? Well, YouTube channel carwow and host Mat Watson answered the call of what we were asking for (not really but it makes for a fun video). The camera drone, specially engineered by Red Bull to […]

Tesla: How Model Y is Made at Giga Berlin via Drone Fly Through

Tesla has shared a new drone fly-through of its Giga Berlin factory, showing how the Model Y is made and it’s a stunning overview of how advanced the company’s factory is. The video called “Giga Berlin Fly Through 2.0” was shared on Friday and details the machines that build the machine. A drone flys through […]

Tesla Launches Spring Incentives in China for Model 3/Y

Tesla has announced a series of limited-time incentives on Weibo for customers purchasing Model 3 and Model Y vehicles before the end of March from existing inventory, with potential savings of up to ¥34,600 ($4,807 USD). The promotions include an insurance subsidy for the rear-wheel-drive versions of Model 3 and Model Y, offering benefits worth […]

Last Chance: Save $1,000 off the Tesla Model Y

Earlier this month, Tesla introduced a temporary special discount on the Model Y in the U.S., available until the end of February. With today’s Leap Day being the last day of February, that also means the final day to save $1,000 off your Model Y. Tesla’s website explicitly states, “New Model Y RWD and Long […]

Tesla Roadster Update: 0-60mph in Less than 1 Second and More: Musk

In a series of tweets posted late on February 27, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled ambitious plans for the company’s upcoming Roadster, suggesting a collaboration with SpaceX to create a vehicle unlike any before. Musk stated, “Tonight, we radically increased the design goals for the new Tesla Roadster. There will never be another car like […]

2024 Tesla Model Y Awarded IIHS Top Safety Pick+, Again

The 2024 Tesla Model Y has once again secured the prestigious Top Safety Pick+ award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), continuing its legacy of excellence in vehicle safety. The midsize luxury SUV has demonstrated outstanding performance across various safety tests, affirming its position as a leader in automotive safety. “We followed the […]

Tesla Cybertruck Misses Out on Steam Support, Reveals Code

Tesla hacker known as ‘green’ (@greentheonly on X) disclosed that Tesla’s Cybertruck lacks support for the Steam gaming service, despite initial expectations. Through a detailed examination of the Cybertruck’s system, ‘green’ shared that the vehicle boasts a large display with a resolution of 2650×1440, surpassing the 2200×1300 resolution found in Tesla’s Model S and Model […]

Tesla Model 3 Performance ‘Ludicrous’ Spotted in Spain [VIDEO]

In Valencia, Spain, on February 25, 2024, a new variant of the Tesla Model 3, notably the highly-anticipated Performance version, was seen with “Ludicrous” badging. The Model 3 was captured on video during a marketing shoot, as reported by Desmond Wisley on X. The video, shared under Wisley’s handle @dessiewisley, suggests that Tesla is gearing […]

Tesla Now Describes the New Model 3 as ‘Reengineered’

Tesla updated its website this week to now call the new Model 3 “reengineered”. The latest electric sedan from Tesla is still listed as available from $329 per month on a lease. The automaker’s description of the new Model 3 has previously used the term “upgraded”, but we are now seeing “reengineered” on the Model […]

Edmunds Revises Tesla Cybertruck Range Test After Inaccuracies

Edmunds, a prominent automotive review site, has updated its review of the Tesla Cybertruck after receiving feedback from users on X, pointing out inaccuracies in the original story. Initially, Edmunds reported that the Cybertruck failed to meet Tesla’s own 340-mile range estimate, stating, “No Tesla has ever met its EPA-estimated range in our real-world testing, […]

Tesla Supports Cybertruck Snow Tracks Mod, Owner Impressed

Dave Sparks, a prominent figure in the automotive modification community, took to Instagram on Wednesday, February 21, to give fans a sneak peek of his latest project, the “CyberTrax.” Despite his initial plan to wait for a full YouTube video release, Sparks’s excitement led him to share an early glimpse. “I was trying to hold […]

Tesla Model Y Undercuts Toyota Prius on Price in Germany

Tesla’s Model Y is now priced lower than the Toyota Prius in Germany, excluding potential savings on fuel or maintenance. Tesla Europe & Middle East highlighted this development on X with a succinct message, “Just leaving this here” drawing attention to a comparison of the two vehicles’ pricing. A post from @WholeMarsBlog was quoted to […]

Tesla Cybertruck ‘Boat Mode’ Tested by YouTuber

Tesla’s Cybertruck underwent a rigorous “Wade Mode” test to explore its capabilities in traversing waterlogged terrains. The experiment, led by TechRax, a popular YouTube channel known for pushing gadgets to their limits (specifically Apple iPhones and more), aimed to determine just how deep the Cybertruck could drive through water. The video, titled “How Deep Can […]

Tesla Expands Cybertruck Paint Films with New Colors

Tesla has expanded its color palette for the Cybertruck with the introduction of new premium color paint films, enhancing customization options for its futuristic electric pickup. The latest additions to the lineup include Satin Abyss Blue, Slip Grey, and Satin Rose Gold, joining the existing Satin Ceramic White and Satin Stealth Black. This update sees […]

South Korea Reveals Tesla Model Y Subsidies for 2024

The South Korean government has disclosed new subsidy amounts for the Tesla Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) on February 20, 2024. This announcement, awaited by potential electric vehicle (EV) buyers, marks a pivotal moment for consumers who had strategically delayed their purchases in anticipation of updated financial incentives. The updated subsidy for the Tesla Model […]