Model S

Tesla Launches ‘Lunar Silver’ for Model S/X

After speculation of a new silver coming for Model S and Model X, with images seen of the apparent color at the company’s Fremont factory in California, Tesla has officially launched ‘Lunar Silver’ on Thursday evening (via @Tslachan). Lunar Silver costs $2,500 extra, the same price as Ultra Red. Solid Black, Deep Blue Metallic and […]

Tesla Lowers Price of Model S/X and Model Y by $2,000

Hold onto your hats, folks. Tesla has implemented a $2,000 price drop across various trims of its Model S, Model X, and Model Y vehicles in the United States. The new pricing structure is as follows: Model S: Long Range: Now $72,990 (was $74,990) Plaid: Now $87,990 (was $89,990) Back on September 1, 2023, Tesla […]

Tesla Adds Sport Seats for Model S Plaid, Retrofit Coming

Tesla has unveiled an addition to its high-performance Model S Plaid – the new Sport Seats designed specifically for enthusiasts of high-speed driving and precision cornering. The announcement highlights the seats’ enhanced lateral support and modular architecture, ensuring both comfort and support. These seats maintain the standard 12-way power adjustability, heating, and ventilation features, but […]

Tesla 2024.3.15: FSD 12.3.4 for New Model 3, Legacy Model S/X

Tesla has started rolling out the newest version of Full Self-Driving (FSD) for its reengineered 2024 Model 3, plus legacy Model S and Model X owners. This FSD (Supervised) update is part of the 2024.3.15 software update rolling out. Many owners confirmed the expanded release of FSD (Supervised), such as @Scarantino, who said, “Reengineered Model […]

Tesla Model S Plaid vs 200mph F1 Drone: Drag Race

Who would win if a Tesla Model S Plaid takes on the world’s fastest camera drone in a drag race? Well, YouTube channel carwow and host Mat Watson answered the call of what we were asking for (not really but it makes for a fun video). The camera drone, specially engineered by Red Bull to […]

Tesla to Fix Rear Camera Display with Software Update

Tesla has informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of an issue affecting the rearview camera display in approximately 199,575 vehicles. Again while wording is designating this as a “recall” Tesla will fix the issue with a software update. The affected cars include 2023 models of Tesla Model S, X, and Y, as reported […]

2024 Tesla Model X Debuts Center Horn, New Camera Button

Image: Brandon Tesla has introduced notable changes to the steering wheel design in its 2024 Model X, featuring a traditional center horn and a new dedicated camera button. This update marks a shift from the previous model’s capacitive horn button on the steering wheel. The change was highlighted by a Tesla enthusiast, Brandon (@brandontsla), who […]

Tesla’s Autopilot Safety Update Now Applies to All Cars in China

Tesla will be addressing issues with its Autopilot system that could increase the risk of crashes if drivers aren’t paying attention, a software update that will now apply to all cars in China. For over 1.6 million vehicles manufactured from August 2014 to December 2023, including locally made Model 3, Model Y and imported Model […]

Tesla Software Update to Fix Model S/X Cabin Door Safety Bug

Tesla has issued a safety “recall” report (23V-862) for its 2021-2023 Model S and Model X vehicles, citing noncompliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 214, specifically concerning side impact protection. The issue affects approximately 120,423 vehicles, with an estimated 100% of these potentially having the defect. The issue was identified during routine […]

Norway Regulator Investigates Tesla Over Suspension Failures

Tesla is currently under scrutiny by Norway’s traffic safety regulator, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA), for potential suspension failures in its legacy Model S and X vehicles. This investigation could lead to a recall, as informed by the agency to Reuters. Senior engineer at NPRA, Tor-Ove Satren, revealed that the agency began inquiring into […]

Steve Jurvetson Donates First-Ever Tesla Model S to Museum

Venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson, known for his early investment in Tesla, has donated the first-ever Tesla Model S, along with other historic Tesla vehicles, to the Petersen Museum. Jurvetson’s Model S, the first off the assembly line, was part of a unique set that included the second Model S, which went to Tesla CEO Elon […]

Panasonic Blames Q3 Loss on Tesla Model S/X Demand

Panasonic reported its first quarterly loss in automotive batteries, attributing the downturn to diminished demand for Tesla’s high-end Model S and Model X vehicles. The announcement was made by Panasonic’s Chief Financial Officer, Hirokazu Umeda, during an earnings call on Monday. The loss comes as consumer preference has increasingly shifted towards Tesla models priced below […]

Tesla Accidentally Leaks Model S Plaid ‘Sport’ Seats

Tesla looks to have accidentally leaked an upcoming Sport Seat for its Model S Plaid sedan, as spotted in the company’s service manuals. The service manual shows a seat with a Plaid emblem on it, along with other photos detailing how to install the seat into the Model S. Images were spotted by @niccruzpatane on […]

Tesla Ups Model Y Price; Adds Stealth Gray for S/X, Free Colors

Tesla made several changes to its vehicle lineup on Thursday evening, seemingly aimed at driving demand in the fourth quarter of the year. The company increased the price of its Model Y Long Range in the U.S. to $48,990, up from the previous price of $48,490, a $500 US increase (via @Tslachan). The price increase […]