2024 Tesla Model X Debuts Center Horn, New Camera Button

Model x horn 2024

Image: Brandon

Tesla has introduced notable changes to the steering wheel design in its 2024 Model X, featuring a traditional center horn and a new dedicated camera button. This update marks a shift from the previous model’s capacitive horn button on the steering wheel.

The change was highlighted by a Tesla enthusiast, Brandon (@brandontsla), who noted on January 12, 2024, “Looks like the 2024 Model X’s are now coming with center horns and in replacement of the capacitive horn button there’s now a camera button.” This observation suggests a move towards integrating more tactile features in Tesla’s vehicle design.

Model x camera button

Image: Brandon

Dan Burkland, a Tesla Model S Plaid owner, expressed his eagerness to upgrade to the new wheel design, valuing the return of the mechanical horn. “I’ve already ordered this new wheel for my 2023 Model S Plaid, looking forward to having the mechanical horn back,” Burkland stated. He appreciates the existing capacitive buttons, including the turn signals, and views the new wheel as nearing perfection for his vehicle.

However, the upgrade to the new steering wheel design is not immediately available. Burkland mentioned making a service request but was advised to try again in 3-4 weeks, indicating a brief waiting period before the new features become widely accessible to Tesla owners.

This steering wheel update in the 2024 Model X underlines Tesla’s ongoing commitment to enhancing driver experience and keeping up with consumer preferences in vehicle design.

Originally, the new Model S and Model X had a yoke steering wheel but that has been replaced with a traditional steering wheel design. It’s likely these new changes will also apply to the Model S and we should be seeing photos on the web soon.