Model 3

Tesla Model 3 with Camouflaged Front and Rear Spotted in the Wild

A Tesla Model 3 with a camouflage cover on the front and rear was recently spotted at a parking space in Santa Cruz, California (via @omg_tesla). What’s going on here? @klwtts @WholeMarsBlog @teslaownersSV — omg_Tesla/Rivian (@omg_tesla) December 3, 2022 The electric vehicle (EV) seemed to have factory plates, indicating that it is part of […]

Tesla Model 3/Y and Model S Account for 26% of EVs in Denmark

Tesla’s Model 3, Y and S units make up a market share of 26.33 percent of the electric vehicles (EVs) in Denmark, according to data shared by the Danish car imports trade association De Danske Bilimportører (via @Tesla Club Danmark). Out of a total of 105,379 EVs on Denmark’s roads, the data shows that Tesla’s […]

First Look: Inside Tesla’s New Peterson Museum Exhibit [VIDEO]

Tesla is set to debut a new exhibit at the Peterson Museum in Los Angeles on Sunday, November 20, 2022. The exhibit features early Tesla vehicle prototypes, early design insights, SpaceX, Tesla AI and Dojo, Hyperloop, Cybertruck, Tesla Bot and more. For a special preview of the entire exhibit, Tesla Raj has shared a nearly […]

Tesla Model 3/Y Delivery Wait Times Improve in China

Tesla has cut its delivery times in China, with its Model 3 and Y units now delivering in as little as one week, according to a report from CnEVPost. All of its trim options for both the automaker’s entry-level sedan and SUV now have delivery estimates ranging from one to five weeks, as spotted on […]

Tesla Continues to Lead EV Registrations, Luxury Car Segment in U.S.

New data from Experian Automotive shows electric vehicle (EV) registrations rose 57% through September in the U.S., reports Automotive News. EV leader Tesla remained the leader of EV registrations, while also sitting atop the luxury car segment. But as other companies release more EVs, it has resulted in Tesla’s share dipping slightly by 2.8%. Tesla […]

Tesla Walk-Away Door Lock, Autopilot Not Working in 2022.36.6 for Some Owners

Tesla’s latest 2022.36.6 software update appears to be causing bugs for some owners, resulting in features such as walk-away door lock, Autopilot and Cruise Control not working as intended for Model 3 and Model Y owners. Numerous threads on Reddit detail how Autopilot won’t activate and Cruise Control showing “unavailable”, when single-tapping and double-tapping the […]

Tesla Model 3 Named ‘Most Green’ in NCAP Assessment Index

Tesla’s flagship sedan has outscored competitors on an assessment program looking at overall emissions and energy consumption, highlighting that electric vehicles (EVs) are significantly more green than those with internal combustion engines (ICEs). The Green vehicle assessment program Green NCAP awarded five stars to the Tesla Model 3 with a 9.8 out of 10 in […]