Mazda Adopts Tesla’s North American Charging Standard

Mazda has entered into a strategic agreement with Tesla to adopt the latter’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) for its battery electric vehicles (BEVs) set to launch in North America starting from 2025, said the Japanese automaker on Tuesday. By integrating NACS in its upcoming BEVs, Mazda aims to expand charging options for its customers, […]

Mazda CEO Claims EV Demand Shift is ‘Uncertain’

Masahiro Moro, the newly appointed global CEO of Mazda, is steering the company towards a future heavily invested in electric vehicles (EVs). Moro, who previously led Mazda’s North American operations to record U.S. sales, is now focused on launching Mazda’s first dedicated electric vehicle platform. By 2030, Mazda anticipates up to 40% of its global […]