Model Y

Tesla Announces Model Y RWD in U.S. from $43,990

Tesla has unveiled its Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive variant in the U.S., with deliveries expected to commence between October and November 2023 (via @Tslachan). The U.S. joins Canada in gaining access to a Model Y RWD. The starting price for this new RWD Model Y is set at $43,990 USD, before accounting for the $7,500 […]

Austin School District to Buy Teslas for Police Force Amid Debate

Eanes Independent School District (ISD) in Travis County is set to acquire nine Tesla vehicles for its newly established police force. The decision follows the district’s earlier vote to form a police department to align with state mandates. The department aims to ensure rapid response to emergencies across its 32-square-mile jurisdiction in greater Austin. In […]

Tesla Model Y ‘Juniper’ Concept Imagined by Designer [VIDEO]

With Tesla’s new Model 3 refresh being fully-revealed and soon delivering to customers, we are seeing more concepts imagining the new design on the Model Y. According to a fresh video shared by @LaMianDesign, we see the new front headlights and rear taillights on the Model 3 applied to the rumoured Model Y refresh, or […]

Tesla Model Y ‘Highland’ Concepts Imagined [PICS]

This week, the revamped Model 3 made its debut in Europe, China, and Australia and New Zealand. The new Model 3 sports a refreshed exterior design, meticulously crafted to achieve maximum aerodynamics. Enhancements in the body rigidity coupled with updated suspension tuning have considerably elevated the ride quality. One of its standout features is its […]

Tesla Experiences Record Sales in Australia

Tesla is on track for its best sales year in Australia, with nearly 30,000 electric vehicles sold by the end of July, according to data from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI). The current quarter is shaping up to be particularly strong, with multiple indicators pointing to higher sales, reports The Driven. VedaPrime, a […]

Tesla’s Model Y was the Best Selling EV in Canada in Q2

According to a recent report by S&P Global Mobility, Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) are gaining significant traction in Canada, accounting for 10.5% of all new light vehicle registrations in the second quarter of 2023. This marks an increase from 9.2% in the previous quarter and sets a new record for ZEV market share in the […]

Folsom Police Department Buys Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

In a stride towards green transportation, the Folsom Police Department announced its recent acquisition of two Tesla electric vehicles, signaling a broader trend within California’s police departments. Folsom is located about 35 minutes east of Sacramento in California. Highlighting the significance of this move, Folsom PD Operations Division Commander Andrew Bates stated, “We are purchasing […]

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai Factory: Behind-the-Scenes Look [VIDEO]

In an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Tesla’s Giga Shanghai Factory, a rare glimpse at the production process of the Tesla Model Y was shown to South Korean YouTube channel, MOCAR (via @Tslachan). The nearly 18-minute video showcases the production process of a Model Y. It is definitely a sight to behold. Here are some of […]

Tesla Tweaks Model Y Parcel Shelf: Fremont vs Austin [VIDEOS]

Image credit: @brandonee916 Tesla continues to tweak its vehicles and the latest minor change is for the parcel shelf in the Model Y. According to Tesla owner Brandon (@brandonee916), his recent Model Y delivery from the company’s Fremont factory in California has a tweaked parcel shelf. “Rear Parcel Shelf differences of newly delivered Model Ys […]

Tesla Model Y Acceleration Boost Dyno Test: Horsepower Revealed [VIDEO]

In a recent video by the YouTube channel Gjeebs, the impact of Tesla’s Acceleration Boost for the Model Y Long Range was put to the test. The video aimed to provide a definitive analysis of the Acceleration Boost on Tesla vehicles. The plan was to conduct a before-and-after dyno test to determine the power added […]

2023 Tesla Model Y Review Says ‘Damn, It’s Good’

Tesla’s 2023 Model Y Long Range continues to set the benchmark in the electric SUV market, despite the influx of competitors. The latest review from MotorTrend praises the vehicle, stating, “Damn, it’s good.” The Model Y, which has been on the market for three years, remains a top contender, even as rivals introduce their own […]

Tesla Cuts Model Y Pricing in China, Debuts Model 3 Perk

Tesla has cut the prices of its Model Y compact crossover SUV in China, as of August 13, 2023. The price cuts only apply to the Model Y Long Range and Performance variants. The announcement, made on Weibo, detailed the price drops (via @Tslachan): Model Y Long Range: 313,900 CNY to 299,900 CNY (roughly $41,460 […]

Tesla Model Y Undergoes Extreme Cold Testing in Norway [VIDEO]

Tesla is pushing the boundaries of its vehicle performance in extreme cold conditions. In a recent video, the company showcased the rigorous testing of the Model Y in the challenging terrains of Norway, just a few kilometers below the Arctic Circle. Andreas and Johannes, members of Tesla’s peer quality engineering team, embarked on a journey […]

Tesla Model Y HW4 Infotainment System: Lower Specs vs HW3

Prominent Tesla hacker, known as @greentheonly or ‘Green’ on X, has reported that the new Model Y Hardware 4 (HW4) infotainment system appears to be less capable than its predecessor, Hardware 3 (HW3). The revelation has sparked discussions about the potential impact on user experience and Tesla’s motivation for the change. Green divulged that the […]