Model Y

Tesla Launches Promised Model Y RWD Range Boost Upgrade

Tesla has introduced an ‘Energy Boost’ upgrade for recent Model Y RWD owners in the United States, aimed at increasing the vehicle’s range. This new feature is available in two options: a $1,000 upgrade that adds up to 30 miles of range, and a $1,600 upgrade that provides up to 50 miles of additional range. […]

Tesla Brings Quicksilver Paint to Model Y in Canada and More

Tesla has launched the Quicksilver paint option for the Model Y in Canada. Priced at $2,600 CAD, Quicksilver for the Model Y comes from vehicles produced at Giga Shanghai. Tesla added Quicksilver to the Model Y for the U.S. back in May. Quicksilver is the same price as Ultra Red in Canada. Back in April, […]

Tesla Model Y Tops China’s New Energy Vehicle Sales in 1H of 2024

Tesla’s Model Y emerged as the best-selling new energy vehicle (NEV) in China for the first half of 2024, surpassing fierce competition. The Model Y recorded 207,817 units sold, up from 203,900 in the same period last year, noted @Tslachan, citing official Chinese NEV data. This is impressive considering Tesla is facing off against cheaper […]

Possible Tesla Model Y Refresh Spotted in California

A possible refresh of Tesla’s Model Y has been spotted in California, according to a Reddit post by user u/JacklJack. This is the first time we’ve seen what appears to be a new Model Y refresh testing in camouflage in the wild. The user shared, “Running around Rose Bowl today and saw a masked Model […]

Tesla Extends 0% Interest Offer for Model 3/Y in China

Tesla has extended its 0% interest loan incentive for car purchases in China, following its expiration yesterday. Announced today on Weibo, customers purchasing a Model 3 or Model Y on or before July 31 can take advantage of a 0% interest loan for up to five years, Tesla confirmed. This initiative, initially launched in April […]

Official Tesla Model Y Air Mattress Debuts

Tesla has introduced a new accessory, the Model Y Air Mattress, priced at $225 ($310 in Canada). This product came online earlier this week, and quickly sold now, now currently out of stock. But interested customers can sign in to their Tesla account to check compatibility and request email notifications for restocking updates. The Model […]

Tesla Model Y ‘Refresh’ in 2024? Nope, Says Elon Musk

Will Tesla release a Model Y ‘refresh’ in 2024 like it did with the new Model 3? According to CEO Elon Musk, the answer is no. When @CuriousPejjy posted on X, “There’s rumors going around that the $TSLA Model Y Refresh will be ready by next month…I’m having a hard time believing that,” he ended […]

Bargersville Police: Our Tesla Fleet Saves $80,000 a Year in Gas

Bargersville, a town south of Indianapolis in Johnson County, is at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution. However, local officials emphasize that the switch from traditional gas-powered police cruisers to all-electric Teslas is driven by financial savings rather than environmental concerns. “It’s all about the money,” said Police Chief Todd Bertram to WRTV. “We […]

Tesla Financing Promo: 0.99% APR for Model Y

Tesla has introduced a promotional financing offer with a fixed rate of 0.99% APR across the United States, significantly reducing monthly payments for new Model Y purchases. To benefit from the offer, buyers must place their Model Y orders by May 31, 2024, and meet the conditions of a minimum down payment of $4,250. The […]

Tesla Launches Model Y Long Range RWD; Unlock Extra Range Coming

Tesla has launched a new version of its Model Y, offering the Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive in the U.S. This debut comes after the launch of the Quicksilver color option previously only available overseas in Europe and Asia. This new Model Y replaces the previous regular RWD and is priced at $44,990, offering 320 miles […]

You Can Now Order: Quicksilver Tesla Model Y in the US

Tesla has expanded its color offerings for the Model Y vehicles in the United States with the launch of a new Quicksilver option. Priced at $2,000 US, this color choice is available exclusively for the current Model Y Long Range and Performance models (via @Tslachan). Previously, the Quicksilver color was only available for existing inventory […]

Tesla Model Y in Quicksilver Now Available in U.S. for the First Time

Tesla’s Model Y with Quicksilver paint is an exclusive colour from Giga Berlin in Germany, but now it’s available in the U.S., with a catch. According to Tesla’s existing inventory page, Model Y vehicles in Quicksilver paint are available for purchase, in Long Range and Performance variants. Quicksilver is a $2,000 extra and so far […]

Tesla Lowers Price of Model S/X and Model Y by $2,000

Hold onto your hats, folks. Tesla has implemented a $2,000 price drop across various trims of its Model S, Model X, and Model Y vehicles in the United States. The new pricing structure is as follows: Model S: Long Range: Now $72,990 (was $74,990) Plaid: Now $87,990 (was $89,990) Back on September 1, 2023, Tesla […]

Anaheim Police Launches Tesla Model Y Patrol Car Pilot

Image via r/roketman117 In response to a significant shortfall in patrol vehicles, compounded by national supply chain issues, aging fleets, and delayed delivery of new cars, the Anaheim Police Department (APD) has embarked on a pilot program testing the Tesla Model Y as a potential patrol vehicle. The APD’s vehicle shortage prompted the department to […]

Tesla Launches RWD Model Y Long Range in Europe

Tesla has launched a new version of the Model Y for Europe, a Long Range version that’s only rear-wheel drive. The company said on Thursday this variant has “Maximum range that allows you to commute all week without charging—at an even more accessible price.” You get 600 km range based on the WLPT testing standard […]