Model Y

Anaheim Police Launches Tesla Model Y Patrol Car Pilot

Image via r/roketman117 In response to a significant shortfall in patrol vehicles, compounded by national supply chain issues, aging fleets, and delayed delivery of new cars, the Anaheim Police Department (APD) has embarked on a pilot program testing the Tesla Model Y as a potential patrol vehicle. The APD’s vehicle shortage prompted the department to […]

Tesla Launches RWD Model Y Long Range in Europe

Tesla has launched a new version of the Model Y for Europe, a Long Range version that’s only rear-wheel drive. The company said on Thursday this variant has “Maximum range that allows you to commute all week without charging—at an even more accessible price.” You get 600 km range based on the WLPT testing standard […]

Tesla Lowers Price of Model Y 7-Seat Option by $500

Tesla has tweaked the price of its Model Y again, this time for its seven-seat interior option. The seven-seating layout for the Model Y has decreased by $500 to $2,000 USD (via @SawyerMerritt). This option offers third-row seating for two in the trunk, while also offering USB-C charging for passengers. Each seat folds independently offering […]

Tesla Mobile Gallery Tour in NYC: Model Y Towed by Cybertruck

Tesla has launched an innovative advertising venture in New York City with the launch of its Mobile Gallery, uniquely towed by a Cybertruck. The exhibition features a Model Y enclosed in a transparent display, proclaiming “the best-selling car in the world is made in America.” The Model Y was the world’s best-selling car globally last […]

2024 Tesla Model Y Gets Big Price Cut, New Colors in Australia

Tesla has announced significant price reductions for the 2024 Model Y in Australia, marking a strategic update that includes new styling options and new colors from Giga Shanghai. The price cut, reaching up to $8,500, aims to make the Model Y more accessible to Australian consumers, with the base model now starting at $63,900 before […]

Tesla Model Y in Singapore Gets 3 New Colors

Tesla has debuted its newest colors for the Model Y in Singapore. The island nation state now gets Ultra Red, Quicksilver and Stealth Grey for the Model Y. Singapore has the RWD Model Y starting at $77,390 SGD, while the AWD Long Range is from $87,390 and Performance from $95,390. Pearl White Multi-Coat is the […]

Tesla Model Y Tops All Automakers in 2023 Global Production

In a recent study conducted by the French EV research firm Inovev, Tesla’s Model Y was identified as the most-produced vehicle globally in 2023, surpassing the Toyota RAV4 and Ford’s F-Series trucks. The analysis highlighted the production and registration figures for vehicles, with the Tesla Model Y leading at 1,137,885 units produced, followed by the […]

First Tesla Model Y Deliveries Begin in Malaysia

Image via SoyaCincau After an eight-month wait, Tesla has started the delivery of its Model Y vehicles to Malaysian customers. The initial batch of Model Y compact crossover SUVs, comprising 80 units, was distributed today at Tesla Cyberjaya. This marks the start of numerous forthcoming deliveries over the coming days and months, notes SoyaCincau. The […]

Tesla to Increase Price of Model Y in Canada on March 15

Tesla has announced it will increase the price of its Model Y in Canada, beginning on March 15, 2024. According to a headline ticker on its website, Tesla says “Price Increase” and mentions, “New Model Y RWD and Long Range AWD prices will increase by $1,000 on March 15, 2024.” Back in February, Tesla lowered […]

RCMP Shifts to Zero-Emission Fleet with Tesla Model Y Trial

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Canada has begun the transition of its on-road light-duty fleet to zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) by 2035. Early in 2023, officers at two RCMP detachments initiated the use of the Tesla Model Y, marking the start of an extensive testing phase for various electric models. British Columbia’s West Shore […]

Tesla Launches 2-Seater Model Y in France for Business

Tesla France has announced the launch of a new Model Y variant, a two-seater specifically designed for business purposes. This latest model boasts a substantial capacity of 2158 liters, aiming to cater to the unique needs of businesses. Tesla highlighted that the new two-seater Model Y is also eligible for tax discounts in France, demonstrating […]

Tesla Model Y Dominates EV Market in Norway with 92% Share

February witnessed a remarkable surge in plug-in electric vehicle (EV) sales in Norway, capturing a 92.1% market share, a significant increase from 90.1% year-on-year. Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) alone accounted for over 90% for the second consecutive month. Despite these high numbers, the overall auto volume in Norway remained low, with just 7,380 units sold. […]

Tesla Wraps for Model 3/Y, Cybertruck Now at Austin South Collision

Tesla has expanded its locations where customers can have factory wraps done for the Model 3, Model Y and Cybertruck. “Wraps for Model 3/Y & @Cybertruck now available at our Austin South Collision location,” said Tesla on Monday. This location is found at 6320 E Stassney Lane (Building 4) in Austin, Texas. Customers can order […]

Tesla: How Model Y is Made at Giga Berlin via Drone Fly Through

Tesla has shared a new drone fly-through of its Giga Berlin factory, showing how the Model Y is made and it’s a stunning overview of how advanced the company’s factory is. The video called “Giga Berlin Fly Through 2.0” was shared on Friday and details the machines that build the machine. A drone flys through […]