Model Y

Tesla Model Y in Quicksilver Hits Showrooms In Europe

Tesla Model Y units in the company’s new “Quicksilver” color have started making their way to showrooms across Europe, just a few weeks after the first units with the new paint option were spotted outside Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg. Electric vehicle (EV) enthusiast Lasse Edvardsen (@nasalahe) on Saturday shared images of a Quicksilver Model Y Performance on […]

Tesla Model Y Wins ‘2022 Car of the Year’ in Australia

The Tesla Model Y earned the title of News AU‘s 2022 Car of the Year, following testing of eight different gas and electric vehicles on Australian roads. The outlet notes the Model Y’s 450km driving range, its roomy cabin compared to gas cars, its brisk acceleration and its sharp steering as a few of the […]

Tesla Model 3/Y and Model S Account for 26% of EVs in Denmark

Tesla’s Model 3, Y and S units make up a market share of 26.33 percent of the electric vehicles (EVs) in Denmark, according to data shared by the Danish car imports trade association De Danske Bilimportører (via @Tesla Club Danmark). Out of a total of 105,379 EVs on Denmark’s roads, the data shows that Tesla’s […]

Australia Tax Benefits to Slash Up to $10,000 off Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y buyers in Australia could bring the SUV’s price down by as much as $10,000, making it as affordable as the Mazda 3 with a new tax deal, according to The Driven. To achieve this level of savings, buyers must qualify for a combination of incentives including the country’s new fringe benefit tax […]

Tesla Model Y with 4680 Cells is Highly Repairable, Repair Manual Shows

Kevin Chau (@kchau), who makes a hobby of scouring service manuals and related documentation to find interesting information, recently found that the front and rear castings, among other things, of Tesla’s new Model Y design with 4680 cells and a structural battery pack are highly repairable (and can even be replaced). The new structural battery […]

Get a Free Tesla Model Y If You Buy This Home in New Zealand

Homeowners represented by Barfoot & Thompson in New Zealand are offering a “brand new Tesla and brand new home,” in an effort to sell the home in southeast Auckland, to differentiate the property from 120 other new builds in the market. Real estate agent Kapil Rana said the Tesla hasn’t yet been purchased, but the […]

The New York Times Spends a Full Day with Tesla’s FSD Beta in Florida

The New York Times published a story on Wednesday detailing its experience with Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta, after spending a full day with the self-driving software thanks to Chuck Cook, a well-known beta tester in Jacksonville, Florida. The Times filmed the entire experience with its own cameras and Cook provided the journalists a taste […]

First Look: Inside Tesla’s New Peterson Museum Exhibit [VIDEO]

Tesla is set to debut a new exhibit at the Peterson Museum in Los Angeles on Sunday, November 20, 2022. The exhibit features early Tesla vehicle prototypes, early design insights, SpaceX, Tesla AI and Dojo, Hyperloop, Cybertruck, Tesla Bot and more. For a special preview of the entire exhibit, Tesla Raj has shared a nearly […]

Tesla Model 3/Y Delivery Wait Times Improve in China

Tesla has cut its delivery times in China, with its Model 3 and Y units now delivering in as little as one week, according to a report from CnEVPost. All of its trim options for both the automaker’s entry-level sedan and SUV now have delivery estimates ranging from one to five weeks, as spotted on […]