Ford Says Heavy-Duty EV Trucks Not Coming Anytime Soon: CEO

Ford, General Motors (GM) and Fiat Chrysler are planning light-duty EV pickups, but the Detroit 3 may not be planning for a heavy-duty pickup EV anytime soon, as detailed in a new report from Automotive News. The high-margin profit and heavy use cases offered by Ford’s corporate Super Duty customers is greater than Southwest Airlines, […]

Ford Creates New Company in China to Sell More Electric Vehicles

Since Ford’s first electric vehicle launched in China last year, the automaker has sold far fewer electric vehicle (EV) units than some of its fellow automakers, though it’s hoping to change that with a new company and testing entity. Ford established a new company in China called Ford Electric Mach Technologies (FMeT), as detailed in […]

Ford Tells Dealers They Must Set No-Haggle Pricing to Sell EVs

Ford says its dealers must invest $1.2 million and follow tight restrictions on sales if they hope to sell EVs past 2023, as reported by Automotive News. Dealerships have until October 31 to opt into either of two new certification tiers, both requiring varied investment levels for both staff training and EV chargers. The move […]

Ford BlueCruise Adds Hands-Free Lane Changing, Other Features

Ford BlueCruise is adding hands-free lane changing to the Mustang Mach-E and starting this fall, according to a press release shared on Thursday. In addition to Lane Change Assist, the software’s 1.2 update is adding Predictive Speed Assist to account for upcoming curves and slowdowns, and In-Lane Repositioning for managing larger vehicles in surrounding lanes. […]

Ford F-150 Lightning Owners Get Cheaper Payments Through Grid Sharing Program

Ford has partnered with North Carolina’s Duke Energy to establish a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) energy-sharing program that will give participating F-150 Lightning owners a discount on their lease payments (via Canary Media). “Duke Energy and Ford share many mutual customers, so there’s opportunity for overlap when it comes to maximizing the value of new technology that […]

Ford Increases F-150 Lightning Price by Up to $8,500

Ford says it’s increasing prices of the F-150 Lightning because of “significant material cost increases and other factors,” following suit with other automakers that have raised prices due to the cost of raw materials. New buyers of the Ford F-150 Lightning can expect price increases of between $6,000 and $8,500, depending on the model, according […]

Ford Unveils F-150 Pro Lightning Electric Police Truck

As several police departments add Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) to their fleets, Ford has officially released a purpose-built electric pickup for use as police cruisers. Ford has launched an F-150 Lightning Pro variant geared toward police officers, annnounced on Thursday. The 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Special Service Vehicle (SSV) includes materials developed for law […]

Ford, GM Seek Approval for Self-Driving Cars without Steering Wheels

General Motors (GM) and Ford have asked a U.S. regulator to exempt them from a law prohibiting self-driving vehicles without steering wheels. On Wednesday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) published three petitions from Ford and GM on the matter, opening them to public comment for the 30 days, according to Automotive News. Each […]

Ford to Buy CATL LFP Batteries for Mustang Mach-E

Electric vehicles (EVs) are growing in popularity, and with the world heavily in need of batteries to keep up with demand, some companies are teaming up to help produce and receive more batteries. Ford and CATL announced plans for a Global Strategic Cooperation, to help increase battery supply to markets in North America, Europe and […]