Ford Hits Record Q4 EV Sales in 2023, No. 2 Brand in U.S.

Ford hero 2023

Ford Motor Company has reported a remarkable year in 2023, not only maintaining its leadership in traditional gas vehicle lines but also achieving new records in electric and hybrid vehicle sales.

In the electric vehicle (EV) segment, Ford reached new heights. The company sold 25,937 EVs in the fourth quarter, a 24 percent increase over the third quarter, and a total of 72,608 vehicles for the year, marking an 18 percent rise from the previous year.

This growth was spearheaded by the F-150 Lightning, what the company says is America’s best-selling electric truck, which saw a 74 percent increase in Q4 sales. The Mustang Mach-E also contributed significantly, with sales of 40,771 for the year, up 3 percent and marking its best sales year since its launch in 2021.

The E-Transit, Ford’s electric van, emerged as America’s best-selling electric van nameplate in 2023, with sales of 7,672 units, an 18 percent increase over 2022.

“In a year of challenges, our lineup of gas, electric, and hybrid vehicles delivered solid growth and momentum,” said Jim Farley, Ford’s president and CEO. “We are proud to remain the No. 2 EV brand in America.”

Who’s the number one EV brand in the U.S. and the world? It’s Tesla.

“Proud of our team for strong 2023! @Ford is #2 EV brand in U.S. w/ record Q4 & year. EVs up 24% from Q3 & 18% for year. F-150 Lightning up 74% for Q4. Mustang Mach-E had its best year ever. E-Transit is best-selling electric van nameplate in U.S. And next-gen EVs are on the way!” said Farley on X this morning, which was ‘liked’ by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Ford’s hybrid vehicle sales also saw a significant uptick, with record Q4 sales of 37,229 vehicles, a 55 percent increase. Annual sales of hybrid vehicles were up 25 percent. The Maverick Hybrid, in particular, saw a 67 percent gain, with sales totaling 52,361 trucks, more than half of Maverick’s total sales in 2023.

Overall, Ford’s 2023 sales totaled 1,995,912 vehicles, up 7.1 percent over 2022 and marking the best performance since 2020. The F-Series continued its legacy as America’s best-selling truck for the 47th consecutive year and the best-selling vehicle for the 42nd year.

Ford’s commercial vehicle segment also witnessed success, with the Ford Transit van leading as America’s No. 1 selling commercial van and marking 45 years of commercial van leadership. Sales of commercial vans were up 21 percent in 2023, with Transit van sales climbing 30 percent.