Toyota Doubts All-Battery EVs Will Be the Future

Akio Toyoda, Chairman of Toyota Motor Corp., recently voiced his belief that battery electric vehicles (EVs) will only capture up to 30% of the automotive market share. Toyoda, the grandson of Toyota’s founder, emphasized the importance of offering a range of vehicle types, including hybrids, hydrogen fuel cells, and traditional fuel-burning cars, particularly in light […]

Toyota Says EVs Do Not Make Sense in Australia, Buy a Hybrid

On the day of its first electric vehicle (EV) debut in the nation, Toyota Australia expressed skepticism about the suitability of EVs for the Australian market. Sean Hanley, Toyota Australia’s Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Franchise Operations, stated that EVs currently do not “make sense” in Australia, where the majority of electricity is generated […]

Toyota Hopes to Rival Tesla with Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Toyota, the world’s top-selling automaker, is leveraging advanced manufacturing techniques and its renowned lean production methods to catch up with electric vehicle (EV) market leader Tesla. The Japanese automaker showcased its latest technological advances during a plant tour for the media in central Japan last week, revealing its strategy to close the gap in the […]

UK Watchdog Slaps Toyota and Hyundai Over False EV Ads

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has put a halt to campaigns by car manufacturers Toyota and Hyundai, accusing them of overstatement regarding the speed of electric car charging and of misrepresenting the availability of rapid-charging stations throughout the UK and Ireland. Toyota conducted a promotional campaign for its bZ4X model on its website, which […]

Toyota Unveils New Battery Tech, Giga Casting and More in EV Push

Toyota has announced its plans to launch a suite of high-performing battery technologies by 2026. The automotive giant is focusing on developing an advanced square battery that would increase the cruising range of the next-generation Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) to an impressive 1,000 km. The battery is being hailed as the heart of the BEV, […]

Toyota’s New CEO Prioritizes Hydrogen in Carbon Neutral Strategy

Koji Sato emphasizes the importance of hydrogen alongside electric vehicles in the company’s future. Toyota’s incoming CEO Koji Sato has announced that hydrogen will play a significant role in the company’s carbon neutral strategy, alongside a stronger focus on electric vehicles. Sato aims to expand hydrogen infrastructure and its applications across various industries by the […]

New Toyota CEO Shakes Up Leadership Teams to Push Electrification

Toyota announced major shifts to its senior management team on Monday, including the takeover of new CEO Koji Sato in the coming months, as it shifts toward electrifying its upcoming vehicles (via Bloomberg). Along with Sato’s move to CEO following predecessor Akio Toyoda, Hiroki Nakajima and Yoichi Miyazaki will become the chief technology officer and […]

Toyota to Detail Key Supplier Changes in New 3-Year EV Plan

Toyota is planning to unveil a new, three-year electric vehicle (EV) plan which includes changes in its main supplier relationships, according to two people familiar with the matter in a report from Reuters. The Japanese automaker will share updated EV plans through 2026. It will highlight important adjustments to some of its key suppliers, according […]

Tesla Earns 8x More Profit Per Car than Toyota, Says Report

Tesla’s per-car earnings generated eight times as much profit as Toyota in an analysis of July through September sales, according to a report from Nikkei. The news of the profit difference comes even though Toyota outsold Tesla by over seven to one, and it marks the first time the U.S. automaker has overtaken the Japanese […]

Toyota Considers Revamping EV Strategy, Using Tesla as Benchmark: Report

Toyota is looking to reboot its electric vehicle (EV) strategy to better compete with other automakers including the likes of Tesla, according to four sources familiar with the plans, reports Reuters. The sources say the plans are still in development, but proposals currently under review would shift Toyota’s $38 billion EV rollout plan announced in […]

Toyota Restarts bZ4X EV Production, Fixes Wheels Falling Off Issue

Following Toyota’s move to buy back its first electric vehicle (EV) from customers due to the wheels falling off on some units, the automaker is officially set to start fresh in producing the vehicle. Toyota is restarting production on the bZ4x EV with fixes to the safety issues causing some wheels to fall off, according […]