Toyota Warns Shift to EVs Could ‘Leave Customers Behind’

Toyota CEO Aki Toyoda said that a move to only selling EVs could leave customers behind in a meeting with U.S. journalists on Thursday (via Wall Street Journal). Toyoda noted that promoting hybrids and plugin hybrids in the short term while planning for the long term with EVs was a worthy cause, especially for customers […]

Toyota Offers to Buy Back bZ4X EV After Wheels Falling Off Recall

Toyota is offering a new buyback program and make-good repairs to owners of the bZ4X after a recent recall. Customers of the Toyota bZ4X are now eligible to have recalled models repaired by Toyota, or to have the automaker buy the electric vehicle (EV) back entirely, according to Automotive News. The news comes after the […]

Toyota Joins Tesla, GM in Running Out of EV Tax Credits in U.S.

Toyota has run out of a $7,500 tax credit available for buyers of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in the U.S. — reports Automotive News. The Japanese automaker reported 3,876 plug-in sales for June, putting the company over the 200,000 credit-eligible sales every automaker is allowed in the U.S. Toyota […]

Toyota Says ‘Customers Need to Choose’ to Popularize EVs

Toyota has been under scrutiny recently for not moving away from gas cars quickly enough, and for lobbying against climate policies, according to Reuters. In a Q&A with Danish pension fund AkademikerPension during a general meeting, Toyota CTO Masahiko Maeda explained that “customers need to choose” to popularize EVs. In rebuttal, AkademikerPension said that Toyota […]

Toyota’s bZ4X EV Has Poor DC Fast Charging, May Stop in Cold Weather

Toyota’s first mainstream entrant into the electric SUV market, the bZ4X, has some rather disappointing weather-dependent issues with EPA-rated range and DC fast charging. According to MotorTrend’s hands-on, the bZ4X suffers from absolutely crippled DC fast charging speeds in colder climates. In a recent press release that highlighted five things to know about the bZ4X, […]

2023 Toyota bZ4X Reviews Hit the Web, Here’s a Roundup [VIDEOS]

Toyota’s first entry into the electric vehicle (EV) space, the bZ4X, officially went on sale on Tuesday. At the same time, embargoes on media coverage of the new all-electric vehicle lifted. Take a look at the first reviews of the Toyota bZ4X: Autoblog 2023 Toyota bZ4X First Drive Review: Toyota’s First Real EV CNET 2023 […]

Toyota Wants to Be Like Tesla, Says Camera-Based Self-Driving Tech Coming

Woven Planet, a unit of Toyota Motor Corp., has unveiled camera-based self-driving technology similar to Tesla’s Vision-based Autopilot — reports Reuters. The Toyota subsidiary told Reuters that it has developed a way to use data collected from low-cost cameras to effectively train its self-driving system. Woven Planet hopes this “breakthrough” will help drive down the costs associated […]

Toyota bZ4X EV to Get Free Year of Charging from EVgo

After Toyota unveiled the bZ4X electric crossover SUV, set to debut this spring, the automaker is apparently offering free charging to buyers of the electric vehicle (EV). Toyota is partnering with charging network EVgo to offer a free year of charging for bZ4X buyers, according to Automotive News. EVgo has deployed over 800 DC fast-charging […]

Toyota Plans 30 EV Models by 2030, for Goal of 3.5 Million Sales Per Year

Toyota’s Chief of Global Design, Simon Humphries, said in a recent interview with Automotive News that diversity is the key to Toyota’s new electric vehicle (EV) design strategy and will allow the veteran automaker to achieve its goal of selling 3.5 million all-electric cars by 2030. “Globally, there is an incredible diversity of customers, and their […]

Lexus Teases RZ 450e EV Prototype Test Drive, Shares New Photos [VIDEO]

Lexus announced on Wednesday it plans to “accelerate the development of electric vehicles” in 2022, beginning with its battery electric vehicle (BEV) model ‘RZ’ starting this spring. That’s according to Lexus International President and Chief Branding Officer, Koji Sato, who noted in 2021, the company sold 760,000 cars, despite supply chain shortages. The company also shared […]

Toyota Plans Self-Driving Car Software, Will Support Third-Party Apps: Report

As vehicle software becomes increasingly important with the onset of electric vehicles (EVs) and autonomous driving systems, Toyota has said it plans to create a new operating system to accommodate the high-level functionality of upcoming vehicles. Toyota plans to launch a new operating system, set to help the company’s vehicles manage self-driving and other advanced […]

Toyota, Lexus to Spend $70 Billion to Go Electric by 2030

Just weeks after Toyota announced plans to invest money into a North Carolina electric vehicle (EV) battery plant, the company is reportedly also planning to invest in a move to electrification. Toyota shared plans on Tuesday for a $70 billion USD (8 trillion yen) investment into electrifying the company’s entire brand of cars by 2030, […]