Toyota Plans Self-Driving Car Software, Will Support Third-Party Apps: Report

As vehicle software becomes increasingly important with the onset of electric vehicles (EVs) and autonomous driving systems, Toyota has said it plans to create a new operating system to accommodate the high-level functionality of upcoming vehicles.

Toyota plans to launch a new operating system, set to help the company’s vehicles manage self-driving and other advanced technologies by 2025, according to a report from Nikkei Asia.

The company’s software platform, entitled “Arene,” is set to compete with other companies like Volkswagen Group and Daimler, which plan to unveil their own new operating systems.

Tesla, which only sells EVs, also includes a software-based operating system that allows for functions like Autopilot, self-driving and even updates to the vehicle’s performance.

Toyota has also said it’s interested in licensing Arene to other automakers for use in EVs and self-driving vehicles down the road. The company also plans to allow support for third-party apps, akin to an app store but for cars.

In December, Toyota announced plans to spend $70 billion USD to go electric by 2030, offering as many as 30 different EVs by 2030.

Toyota is also planning to invest billions of dollars into the construction of a new EV production facility in North Carolina, set to begin vehicle production by 2025 while creating up to 1,750 jobs.

In addition, Toyota and BYD plan to partner on a more-affordable EV produced only for the Chinese market, as detailed in a report last month.