Stories by Peter McGuthrie

Tesla Powerwall 3 Coming Soon According to Utilities Filings

Tesla is getting ready to launch Powerwall 3, the next generation of its residential energy storage product, according to new utility applications for the product, and as reported by electrek. The Powerwall 3 has been certified with a number of different utility companies, meaning that its launch could be imminent. While the certifications did not […]

SpaceX’s Starlink Tested in Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa

A new test using SpaceX’s Starlink internet was conducted by service provider Quick Connect Wireless in the Kalahari desert in Southern Africa, according to a report from My Broadband. The company tested the Starlink hardware during a trip to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, located in the southern part of the Kalahari. The connection was tested […]

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai Hits Model Y Production Record in March

Tesla reached record-breaking production levels in China in March, producing 60,127 Model Y units and 27,810 Model 3 units, according to @Roland Pircher, citing data from the Tesla Podcast on Wednesday. In February, Giga Shanghai produced 52,000 Model Y and 20,000 Model 3 vehicles. The 60,000 Model Y milestone in one month is a record, […]

Tesla Model Y Leads EV Sales in Germany for March and Q1

Tesla earned the best-seller spot for both Q1 overall and March in Germany, according to vehicle sales data in the country, as spotted and shared by @Berlinergy on Tuesday. Overall in Q1, Tesla led electric vehicle (EV) sales with 20,654 units sold in total, representing a 21.8-percent battery-electric vehicle (BEV) market share in the country. […]

Watch Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe Chat with MKBHD [VIDEO]

Earlier this month, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe spoke with tech reviewer Marques Brownlee, who runs the channel MKBHD in a 43-minute interview for Brownlee’s WVFRM Podcast. The discussion ranges in topics, with Scaringe detailing things like how the company got its start, Rivian’s adventure charging network and he even looks ahead to the automaker’s next-generation […]

Tesla Model Y: Best-Selling Car Overall in China for Q1

Tesla’s Model Y SUV was the best-selling vehicle of all passenger vehicles in China in Q1, as noted by @Berlinergy on Tuesday in sales data including internal combustion engines. Berlinergy also shared a bar graph of the sales data, distinguishing between ICE models, plugin hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and battery-electric vehicles (BEVs), like Tesla’s lineup. […]

2023.12 Tesla Update Release Notes: Phone Call Controls and More

Summary: Tesla’s 2023.12 software update has been released for some employees There are a bunch of new features for the user interface including phone call controls from the steering wheel This software update should start trickling down to public Tesla owners soon Tesla is always rolling out updates to its users, though it sometimes begins […]

Tesla Wireless Charger Review and Teardown Impresses: “Amazing” [VIDEO]

Tesla began shipping its new wireless device charger in March, as can be found on the company’s online shop. Now, one YouTube channel has taken to unboxing the wireless charger, showing what comes in the box, how it works and generally reviewing the item. Tech reviewer and teardown artist JerryRigEverything called Tesla’s wireless charger “amazing” […]

Tesla Hiring in Malaysia Following Launch Approval

Tesla gained approval to launch its electric vehicle (EV) sales in Malaysia last month, and now the U.S. automaker appears to be starting its workforce in the country ahead of launch. This week, Tesla has shared a number of job listings for roles in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, as can be seen on the […]

Tesla Keeps Hiring for Jobs Related to Energy Storage in China

Tesla continues to keep posting job positions related to energy storage facilities in China, suggesting the company may be expanding its energy storage business in the nation (via @Tslachan). Tslachan shared some energy storage facilities job postings, seemingly what appears to be mirroring Tesla’s Lathrop, California Megafactory with similar construction to Gigafactory Shanghai. Additionally, such […]

Tesla Owners are Driving 1 Million FSD Beta Miles Per Day

@Elon Musk said that Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) drive around one million miles per day using Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta. The statement came in a Twitter thread discussing the system’s requirement for human interventions, which Musk said the “team is closing the loop” on “very rapidly.” Musk also noted that Tesla must train the system […]