Tesla Won’t Have a Booth at Auto Shanghai, Show Event Plans

Photo: Tesla_Asia

Tesla isn’t planning to put up a booth at the upcoming Auto Shanghai show, as shown in plans from the organizers of the event, Reuters reports.

Auto Shanghai will take place from April 18 to 27, and the show is the largest auto show in Asia. It’s set to feature new vehicles and tech from companies such as BYD and Volkswagen, among several other automakers.

Tesla has a Gigafactory in Shanghai, where it builds Model 3 and Model Y units for the Chinese market and other surrounding countries.

Tesla has been at Auto Shanghai in past years, including in 2021 when a protestor climbed atop a Model 3 display, claiming that the vehicle’s brakes had malfunctioned and caused an accident for her and her family.

The incident caused a wave of negative media in China about Tesla, though the automaker later released data showing that the accident had been due to user error.

Last year, Auto Shanghai was canceled due to an outbreak of COVID-19 and the Chinese government’s zero-Covid lockdown policies.

Earlier this week, Tesla also had a booth at the China International Consumer Products Expo in Hainan.

The news also comes ahead of plans for Tesla CEO Elon Musk to visit China this month, with plans to meet with Premier Li Qiang.