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The Weekly Supercharger: Se7en in the Southeast

Welcome to the seventh edition of the Weekly Supercharger!!   This week, our highlights will be especially centered around the Southeast… again. Unlike the last edition in this region, which constituted a measly 2 new locations and a few site updates, we’ll be covering a whopping SEVEN Superchargers in the Southeastern states of Georgia, Tennessee, […]

The Weekly Supercharger: 64

Welcome everybody to a special edition of The Weekly Supercharger!!   Unlike previous posts, this week’s publication will be all about one location. However, it might just be the largest Supercharger we’ll cover this year, and in a rather unlikely location at that. In addition, we have full documentation for the site, so there will […]

The Weekly Supercharger: California Love!!

Here we are, yet again for Week 5 of the Weekly Supercharger.   This week, as you may have been able to tell, most of this will be centered around California Love, lots of it. Yep, this edition, I’ve got 5 California releases, along with 2 in another state, both of which are less than […]

The Weekly Supercharger: Florida’s New Largest Supercharger

Welcome to Week 4! On this edition, we’ll be covering a bunch of new Superchargers, including, among other things: The new largest Supercharger in Florida, the new largest V3 Supercharger in Georgia, permits for Akron, Tukwila, and some construction updates in the Southwest.   Starting off, Tesla has finally obtained approval for the Akron Supercharger […]

The Weekly Supercharger: Superchargers in the Southeast (Week 3)

Welcome to the Week 3 of The Weekly Supercharger!!   The highlights for this week will mostly include Supercharger sites in the American Southeast region, as well as a few in California and Nevada. The number of new releases for this week will be a bit lower than usual, but there will be more updates. […]

The Weekly Supercharger: So Many Supercharger Agreements (Week 2)

Welcome everyone to the Week 2 of The Weekly Supercharger!! As you may have seen from the title, today’s highlights will be especially centered around Supercharger agreements. With Tesla slowly opening the network to other manufacturers, more and more municipalities are getting on board with the idea hosting Superchargers on community property, as this is […]

The Weekly Supercharger: A Fresh Restart (Week 1)

Welcome to this first edition of the Weekly Supercharger! Today’s highlights will include new Superchargers mostly located in the Western states, along with two sites in the East… and Ohio. For those who don’t like reading very much, I’ve added a TL;DR at the bottom for your enjoyment. Starting off, we’ve got a new site […]
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Announcing: The Weekly Supercharger by MarcoRP

I’m back!! As some of you are aware, my main Twitter account of 6 years, @MarcoRPTesla, was recently suspended, permanently. Looks like the overlords got fed up and decided to get rid of me (and all of my Tweets as well). I’m thrilled. For what it’s worth, I did manage to log all my finds […]