The Weekly Supercharger: 64

Welcome everybody to a special edition of The Weekly Supercharger!!


Unlike previous posts, this week’s publication will be all about one location. However, it might just be the largest Supercharger we’ll cover this year, and in a rather unlikely location at that. In addition, we have full documentation for the site, so there will be no shortage of information. Let’s get into it.


About a month ago, site plan review permits were submitted for a new Tesla EV Charging site at the Riverside EpiCenter, located on the outskirts of Atlanta, in the newly incorporated city of Mableton. Initially, I didn’t think much of it, as a Supercharging site at a Convention Center couldn’t be that large, right? Boy, was I wrong.




In total, 64 Supercharger stalls and 24 Level 2 Wall Connectors are set to be built in the southern parking area of the center. Most of the section is currently undeveloped, and it will be paved as part of Tesla’s deal with EpiCenter.



Per the site plans, the installation is to be completed in two phases. During the first phase, 40 Superchargers, along with all 24 Level 2 chargers, will be built in the proposed area, along with footings for the 6 future Supercharger cabinets which will be installed during the second phase.




The Superchargers will be powered by two 480V transformers, each covering a group of 8 Supercharger cabinets, while the Level 2s will be powered by one 208V transformer. Additionally, a power pedestal for food trucks will be installed to the north of the charging stalls, similar to Santa Monica. Aruba Access Point terminals will also be strategically set up in order to provide Wi-Fi for people charging their vehicles.


As for the layout, the bulk of the Superchargers will be built in the central parking island, while the Level 2 stations will be located in the outer parking stalls along Riverside Parkway. There will be 2 pull-through trailer spots, both located on either side of the parking aisle which separates the Supercharger groups. Additionally, 4 ADA spots will be created in the parking stalls along Riverside Pkwy, 2 of which will be for the Superchargers and 2 for the Wall Connectors.



In terms of dining options, there currently isn’t much. Right now, the nearest options are the Subway inside EpiCenter, and the Wendy’s across the street – both are located a few hundred feet from the charging stalls. This is probably why Tesla is setting up power for food trucks, as it will be much more convenient to access, especially while cars are charging at peak power.



So, that’s pretty much all the info we have right now. As for whether the stalls will be V3 or V4, that has yet to be determined, although I have an inkling that this just might be a V4 for once (although I’ve said that a thousand times, so take it with a grain of salt). While Mableton will “only” have 40 stalls as part of the first phase, it will eventually hold 64 Superchargers, making it the new largest known Supercharger on the entire East Coast.


Thanks for your readership! Next week, we’re set to cover a bunch of new locations across the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. We’ll see you then!