Tesla’s Giga Mexico Expected to Create Record Jobs in Region

The announcement of permits for the construction of Tesla’s Gigafactory in Santa Catarina, along with the imminent start of infrastructure works, is set to generate a record number of jobs in 2024 in the region.

Jorge A. Moreno, a professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL), predicts the creation of approximately 140,000 jobs annually. This forecast was shared with the MILENIO-Multimedios platform, reports Telediario.

Moreno, who is also a researcher at the Faculty of Economics at UANL, indicated that this surge in employment would be driven by indirect jobs created by Tesla’s factory construction, in addition to the positions that will emerge once the facility begins operations.

“The estimate for job creation in 2024 is around 140,000 new jobs in the state, considering growth trends and the Tesla effect, we could reach the goal of 140,000 jobs,” Moreno stated.

He further estimated that Tesla alone could generate between five to six thousand jobs, with an additional 29,000 to 30,000 indirect jobs, totaling approximately 35,000 to 36,000 jobs. These figures are in anticipation of official data, which is expected to show that 2023 closed with more than 125,000 new jobs, considering that from January to October last year, 105,802 jobs were created, according to IMSS figures.

Moreno highlighted a growth rate of over 7 percent in new job creation in the region, setting a new record and maintaining Nuevo León’s leadership in employment. “The employment rate is growing at double the rate of the economy,” he added.

“The start of the construction of Tesla’s plant will be a triggering factor for the local economy… Nuevo León stands out from the rest of the country in terms of its much more solid and accelerated employment dynamics,” Moreno pointed out.

Samuel García, the Governor of Nuevo León, confirmed that the construction of Tesla’s gigaplant would begin in the first quarter of 2024. He made this announcement at the 1 de Mayo primary school in Monterrey, stating that the state government had already started its corresponding works in December, and visible progress would be seen in January.

García emphasized that Tesla, owned by Elon Musk, is not influenced by electoral issues and is known for its urgency in global operations.

“I don’t have the information, but what I know is that Tesla is not guided by electoral issues. They are all over the world, always in a hurry. I believe that this January, you will already notice access, avenues, and ramps, which is what the State is responsible for. And Tesla, as soon as they finish, they call it a production line, then construction begins. We are waiting for that, I wish it to be as soon as possible,” García assured.