Tesla Secures Environmental Permits for Giga Mexico Factory

Tesla has received environmental impact permits for its new Gigafactory in Nuevo León, Mexico, according to a report by Telediario Monterrey. The conditions and requirements were set by the Nuevo León government for the construction of Tesla’s electric vehicle plant.

“The state of Nuevo León has already delivered these environmental impact permits in advance. Tesla will have to comply with all the requirements set by agencies such as SEMARNAT, CONAGUA, and SEDENA,” said Telediario Monterrey on Friday.

The factory, announced in March during an investor day in Austin, Texas, is expected to be one of the largest Gigafactories in the world. It will be located in the municipality of Santa Catarina, Nuevo León. The permits are conditional on Tesla meeting various environmental requirements.

Among the conditions are the use of a high-power explosive called “Anfo” to level the three million square meters of land for construction. “The land will have to be leveled using an explosive to lay concrete and then begin building the plant,” said the reporter.

Additionally, Tesla is required to ensure the preservation or replanting of at least 500 native trees in the region. The company is also asked to remove vegetation only in areas where construction will take place to minimize environmental impact. “They are asked to only remove vegetation in areas where construction will take place, to avoid greater environmental impact,” added the reporter.

Another requirement is for Tesla to implement a plan to reduce dust generated during construction, which could affect air quality in the Monterrey metropolitan area. “They are asked to have a plan to reduce dust, which could include moistening construction areas,” said Telediario Monterrey.

The Nuevo León government has given Tesla a timeline of 26 months, or just over two years, to meet these conditions before construction can begin. The company is expected to have a minimum presence of 25 years in the state.

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