Stories by Alex Diaz

Official Tesla Model Y Air Mattress Debuts

Tesla has introduced a new accessory, the Model Y Air Mattress, priced at $225 ($310 in Canada). This product came online earlier this week, and quickly sold now, now currently out of stock. But interested customers can sign in to their Tesla account to check compatibility and request email notifications for restocking updates. The Model […]

ARK’s 2029 Expected Value for Tesla: $2,600 per Share

ARK Investment Management has updated its open-source model for Tesla, projecting an expected value of $2,600 per share by 2029. The forecast includes bull and bear cases, with potential share prices of approximately $3,100 and $2,000, respectively. These estimates are derived from Monte Carlo simulations that account for 45 independent inputs to predict various outcomes […]

GM Lowers 2024 EV Production Targets Amid Slower U.S. Adoption

General Motors (GM) is reducing its forecasted sales and production of all-electric vehicles (EVs) for this year, citing slower-than-anticipated U.S. adoption of EVs. GM Chief Financial Officer Paul Jacobson announced the company now anticipates producing 200,000 to 250,000 EVs in 2024, down from the previously stated range of 200,000 to 300,000. Despite this adjustment, Jacobson […]

Tesla’s Baidu Maps Announcement in China Goes Viral

Tesla is advancing its Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology in China by partnering with Baidu to upgrade its mapping software. This collaboration is a significant step towards securing government approval for Tesla’s FSD rollout in the region. Last week, Baidu teased the new maps integration in Tesla, and now we have a follow-up on the news. […]

Tesla Model Y ‘Refresh’ in 2024? Nope, Says Elon Musk

Will Tesla release a Model Y ‘refresh’ in 2024 like it did with the new Model 3? According to CEO Elon Musk, the answer is no. When @CuriousPejjy posted on X, “There’s rumors going around that the $TSLA Model Y Refresh will be ready by next month…I’m having a hard time believing that,” he ended […]

2024.15.5 Release Notes: Tesla FSD 12.4.1 without Steering Wheel Nag

Tesla has started rolling out its 2024.15.5 software update for owner testers and it includes the latest Full Self-Driving (FSD) Supervised version 12.4.1. Elon Musk said a weekend rollout was possible and here it is as promised! This version includes the new cabin camera driver monitoring, which will eliminate the steering wheel nag. But there […]

World’s First Tesla Cybertruck Police Vehicle Revealed by UP.FIT

Unplugged Performance, through its UP.FIT division, has introduced the first-ever Tesla Cybertruck designed for police use. This groundbreaking vehicle, revealed in a recent video, has already attracted interest from law enforcement agencies across the country. The company first teased this was coming back in December. UP.FIT, the global leader in upfitting Teslas for fleet use, […]

Tesla Supercharger Coming to Sandown in North Saanich

Looks like a much-need Tesla Supercharger is coming to Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island in British, Columbia, Canada. Tesla’s future Supercharger roadmap said a new location was coming to Sidney, which is about 30 km north of Downtown Victoria. Now, according to @MarcoRPi1, the new Superchargers are set for the new Sandown Park Shopping Center, […]

Tesla FSD 12.4.1 Lands for Employees, Weekend Rollout Possible

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced the release of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) software version 12.4.1 to employees today. He said if the internal testing goes well, the company plans to extend the update to a limited number of external customers this weekend. This latest build includes a significant number of changes, leading some to […]

Tesla’s Giga Nevada Celebrates Production of 5 Millionth Drive Unit

Tesla has announced that its Giga Nevada facility has produced its five millionth drive unit, marking a significant milestone in the company’s operations. Hrushi, the operations leader at Giga Nevada, congratulated the team, stating, “Congratulations Giga Nevada team! We will continue to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy—one drive unit at a time!” The […]

Tesla’s Giga Berlin to Undergo Process Optimization: Report

Tesla will temporarily halt production at Giga Berlin in Germany for five days in June. The company informed its workforce on Friday that it would implement “short pit stops in June over five days to optimize processes in the factory and prepare for future challenges,” according to Handelsblatt. Specifically, no vehicle manufacturing or powertrain production […]

2024.14.11 Release Notes: Tesla Cybertruck Bug Fixes

Tesla recently started rolling out its 2024.14.11 software update for Cybertruck owners. The release started to hit Cybertruck owners on Friday, May 31, 2024. What”s new in the 2024.14.11 release notes for Tesla Cybertruck? It includes minor fixes and improvements. It also includes other updates from 2024.14.3 and the main 2024.14 Spring software release for […]

Tesla Bringing Amazon Music to Cars

According to the latest Tesla mobile app update, code shows that new features and enhancements are coming for vehicles, as shared by Tesla App Updates. The latest update to the Tesla app, version 4.33.5, has been de-compiled, revealing several new features and improvements. Key changes include the imminent addition of Amazon Music, providing Tesla owners […]

Tesla Layoffs Delay Supercharger Access for Polestar, GM

Tesla’s recent decision to lay off its entire Supercharger team has led to delays in the timeline for connecting more non-Tesla brands to its charging network. Initially, Tesla’s website stated that Volvo, GM, and Polestar drivers would gain access to 15,000 eligible stations by spring 2024. However, Polestar has indicated that the timeline has shifted. […]

Tesla Preps Full Self-Driving Launch in China, Says Report

Tesla is preparing to register its Full Self-Driving (FSD) software with Chinese authorities ahead of its planned rollout this year, according to three people with knowledge of the matter, reports Reuters. The U.S. EV leader is also considering offering the software as a monthly subscription to its Chinese users, its second-largest market, sources said. A […]