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Tesla Cybertruck to Get Off-Road Mode and More in Huge Update

Tesla has announced a huge software update is coming for its Cybertruck, introducing an array of new features designed to enhance its off-road and on-road capabilities. The update, which includes the much-anticipated Off-Road Mode, is set to offer drivers a more robust and versatile driving experience. The highlight of the update is the Off-Road Mode, […]

2024.2.6 Release Notes for Tesla Software Update

Tesla has started rolling out its 2024.2.6 software update and we now have release notes, which show a focus on numerous cold weather improvements, related to charging and range. The 2024.2.6 release notes were shared by Not a Tesla App, check them out below. This is a prime example of Tesla’s software updates making vehicles […]

Tesla Tweaking Font Size with Software Update, Media Freaking Out

Tesla has issued a software update for approximately 2,193,869 vehicles across its Model S, Model X, Model 3, Model Y, and Cybertruck ranges due to a noncompliance issue identified in a Part 573 Safety Recall Report, numbered 24V-051 with the NHTSA. The notice, submitted on January 30, 2024, addresses a software-related issue where the letter […]

Tesla to Fix Rear Camera Display with Software Update

Tesla has informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of an issue affecting the rearview camera display in approximately 199,575 vehicles. Again while wording is designating this as a “recall” Tesla will fix the issue with a software update. The affected cars include 2023 models of Tesla Model S, X, and Y, as reported […]

Tesla 2023.38.4 Release Notes

Tesla has started rolling out its 2023.38.4 software update, introducing a range of new features aimed at enhancing safety, convenience, and entertainment for owners of Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y vehicles. The update includes a “Faster Hazard Lights After a Crash” feature, designed to make hazard lights flash more rapidly following […]

Tesla Adds ‘Driver Drowsiness Warning’ in Latest Software Update

Tesla has added a new feature called ‘Driver Drowsiness Warning’ in its 2023.32.1 and higher software update, according to previous information from @greentheonly and a recent update to Tesla’s online manual for the EU (via @Tesla_App_iOS). The feature is designed to alert drivers who appear to be drowsy by monitoring facial characteristics and driving behavior. […]

Tesla Semi to Get Door Issue Fix via Software Update

Tesla has issued a safety recall, identified as 23V-422, impacting an estimated 36 of its 2023 Semi truck models. The recall is due to a defect detected in the Semi’s door closure warning system, an essential feature which the company has determined does not comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 206. The […]

Tesla Software Update to Fix Brake Concerns in 1.1M Cars in China

Tesla is set to launch its largest-ever “recall” in China, targeting a software flaw in over 1.1 million vehicles. The issue, concerning the regenerative braking system, can be fixed via an over-the-air (OTA) update. The so-called “recall” is slated to begin on May 29, 2023, reports CnEVPost. The over-the-air software fix will apply to both […]

Voluntary Tesla Software Update to Ease NHTSA Concerns About FSD Beta

Tesla issued a voluntary “recall” out of caution after discussions with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over its Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta software on Thursday. In a nutshell, Tesla will issue a software update to address FSD beta issues that the NHTSA says are unsafe. The potential issue affects the following cars with […]

2022.44.2 Release Notes: Tesla Sentry Mode Gets New Features

Tesla has started rolling out its 2022.44.2 software update, as noted by @Teslascope and @TeslaFi fleets on Friday evening. As for 2022.44.2 release notes? There are new Sentry Mode features, according to Not a Tesla App. Sentry Mode gets new customization options in 2022.44.2, including: Camera-Based Detection, which allows users to disable the use of […]

Tesla Software Releases Notes are Coming to the Mobile App [Confirmed]

Update Nov. 28, 2022: Tesla just updated its iOS app and confirmed release notes are viewable in its app now. The release notes for Tesla software updates are only available within vehicles, but that appears to be changing soon. That’s according to information shared by @DirtyTesla and seemingly corroborated by a source to @Teslascope. “Coming […]

2022.44 Tesla Software Update Rolling Out: What’s New

Tesla has started rolling out its 2022.44 and 2022.40.8 software updates, as noted by @Teslascope on Thanksgiving Thursday. According to Teslascope, “2022.40.8 is confirmed to not be V11, as it is going out to vehicles on 2022.40.1.” V11 referring to Full Self-Driving beta version 11, which is starting to roll out slowly, with a wide […]

2022.40.7 Tesla Update Rolling Out

Tesla’s software update 2022.40.7 was spotted for the first time on a California Model 3 All-Wheel-Drive Long Range on Thursday night, and the version’s rollout can be viewed live from Teslascope. At the time of writing, the Model 3 seems to be one of two vehicles receiving the update, with one categorized as waiting for […]