2022.44 Tesla Software Update Rolling Out: What’s New

Tesla has started rolling out its 2022.44 and 2022.40.8 software updates, as noted by @Teslascope on Thanksgiving Thursday.

According to Teslascope, “2022.40.8 is confirmed to not be V11, as it is going out to vehicles on 2022.40.1.” V11 referring to Full Self-Driving beta version 11, which is starting to roll out slowly, with a wide release slated in December.

As for 2022.44, it was noted by Not a Tesla App to contain minor updates, such as the availability of a new language option: Thai.

“You can now select Thai as your touchscreen language. To update your language settings, tap Controls > Display and select your preferred language from the ‘Touchscreen Language’ drop-down menu,” reads the 2022.44 release notes.

If more 2022.44 release notes come out, we’ll be sure to share them. Feel free to email us screenshots to tips@teslanorth.com or send us a note on Twitter (@RealTeslaNorth) so we can share details with the community.