Stories by Sarah Lee-Jones

Tesla Gives Cybertruck Reservation Holders $1K Discount on New Cars

Tesla has announced a special offer for customers with active Cybertruck reservations, according to an email received by Tesla North. Those who have placed their reservations before November 30, 2023, are now eligible for a $1,000 USD ($1,350 in Canada) discount on the lease or purchase of any new Model S, Model 3, Model X, […]

Tesla Cybertruck Can Power Your Home, Work Site or Recharge an EV

Tesla continues to innovate with its Cybertruck, introducing the Powershare technology that transforms the electric vehicle into a versatile mobile power source.   Powershare, specifically designed for the Cybertruck, allows the vehicle’s battery to power a wide range of needs – from homes during power outages to construction sites, outdoor events, and even other electric […]

Tesla Cybertruck Settings Menu Leaks Ahead of Reveal

It’s no surprise Tesla is giving full access to the Cybertruck to notable car and tech reviewers, to allow for an onslaught of hands-on reviews to be published after today’s delivery event set for 2pm CT (12pm PT; 3pm ET) at Giga Texas. We saw YouTube tech reviewer MKBHD tease himself sitting in the Cybertruck’s […]

Tessie Adds Tesla Sign-In and Virtual Keys for Extra Security

Tessie, a third-party application for Tesla vehicles, has announced the addition of a new security feature, the Virtual Key, which will be mandatory for most Tesla models starting in 2024. This development aims to bolster the security of remote commands sent to Tesla vehicles. Not only that, Tessie has quietly added support for Tesla Sign-In. […]

Tesla China 2023.38.8, 2023.38.9 Update Release Notes

Tesla has released new software updates for the 2024 Model 3 refresh in China, enhancing security and adding several new features. The updates, versions 2023.38.8 (new Model 3) and 2023.38.9, have been distributed in batches to the vehicles, according to info shared by a reader with Tesla North. These updates localized for China include updates […]

Steve Jurvetson Donates First-Ever Tesla Model S to Museum

Venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson, known for his early investment in Tesla, has donated the first-ever Tesla Model S, along with other historic Tesla vehicles, to the Petersen Museum. Jurvetson’s Model S, the first off the assembly line, was part of a unique set that included the second Model S, which went to Tesla CEO Elon […]

First Tesla Cybertruck Reviews Coming, MKBHD Gets Hands-On

On the eve of Tesla’s highly-anticipated Cybertruck delivery event, we’re starting to see the truck get into the hands of early reviewers, including Marques Brownlee, known as MKBHD. MKBHD shared a teaser image on Wednesday morning, showing himself sitting in the driver’s seat of the Cybertruck. We see the horn in the centre of the […]

Tesla Cleared of Unlawful Firing Allegations at Gigafactory 2

A U.S. labor board official dismissed allegations against Tesla, involving the illegal dismissal of employees from the Autopilot department at its Buffalo, New York factory. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) regional official ruled out the complaint filed by Workers United, the union attempting to organize workers at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Buffalo, reports Reuters. Workers […]

Tesla Cybertruck ‘Beast Mode’, Camp Accessories and More Leak

Tesla’s latest iOS app update has just leaked some features of the upcoming Cybertruck, set to be delivered for the first time on Thursday. According to Tesla App Updates (iOS), the account shared visuals it found within the app’s code, and shared them on X. We see a visual for Cybertruck ‘Beast Mode’, which CEO […]

Tesla Sends Out Cybertruck Delivery Event Tickets

Two days before Tesla’s Cybertruck delivery event, the company has started sending out QR code tickets to both shareholders and referral winners. @WholeMarsBlog shared a screenshot of their Apple Wallet Pass received from Tesla, with the event set to start at 2pm CT (12pm PT; 3pm ET) on Thursday from Giga Texas. The event will […]

Tesla China Hikes Model Y Price, Debuts Insurance Promos

Tesla China has announced a price increase of 2,000 yuan for the Model Y Long Range, now starting at 306,400 yuan. This marks the fifth consecutive price hike for the model, following a similar increase on November 21. The Model Y Long Range had previously seen its price rise to 302,400 yuan on November 8. […]

Tesla Cybertruck Event Start Time Confirmed for 2pm CT

This is the big week that many Tesla customers and fans have been waiting for—the first deliveries and new details of the Cybertruck will be revealed on Thursday. “This year, it’s Cyber Thursday,” said the official @Cybertruck account on X, while also sharing a new image of a menacing Cybertruck. Tesla will hold its Cybertruck […]

Tesla Sues Swedish Transport Agency and PostNord [Update]

Tesla has initiated legal action against the Swedish Transport Agency and the postal service provider PostNord, following a dispute over the distribution of license plates, as per court documents. Things are now heating up as Tesla wants vehicles delivered. The conflict stems from a strike by workers at PostNord, a state-owned entity, which began on […]

Tesla Wins Multiple Awards at ‘Fully Charged’ Europe Show

Fully Charged calls itself the “World’s No.1 Electric Vehicle & Home Energy Show – a fun-filled festival of electrification in Australia, Europe, the UK, Canada and the US.” The most recent event took place from November 24-26 at RAI Auditorium in Amsterdam. Here, Tesla’s newest Model 3 was on display, as you can see below: […]