Here are Tesla Cybertruck Interior Photos [PICS]

At Tesla’s recent annual shareholder meeting at Giga Texas, the company had all of their vehicles on display, alongside the upcoming Cybertruck front and centre. We now have some of the best interior Cybertruck photos seen to date, showcasing what it will look like when seated inside the electric pick up. A couple of images […]

Tesla Debuts Cybertruck Horizon Tee in Online Shop

Tesla has expanded its merchandise line with the introduction of the Men’s Cybertruck Horizon Tee. The new addition to Tesla’s apparel range is now available for purchase at $35 USD online. The Cybertruck Horizon Tee is inspired by the laser-like headlights of Tesla’s Cybertruck. It features an illuminated Cybertruck silhouette on the front and the […]

Tesla Cybertruck Tri-Motor at $75,000 Would Be ‘Lucky’, Says MotorTrend

In a recent interview with Yahoo Finance, Alex Wellen, the CEO of MotorTrend, suggested that Tesla might struggle to maintain the price of its much-anticipated Cybertruck at $75,000. This statement comes amidst growing interest in electric vehicles (EVs), with MotorTrend’s data indicating that 78% of active car shoppers are very interested in EVs. MotorTrend’s research […]

Here’s Tesla Cybertruck at the Annual Shareholder Meeting [PICS]

Image via @MatthewDR Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting is set to kick off in under an hour. Taking place at Giga Texas, Tesla has its upcoming Cybertruck parked front and center at the newly finished entrance of the building, which looks like the ‘Plaid’ animation. Check out some up-close Cybertruck pictures below from the following attendees […]

Tesla Partners with Seoyon E-Hwa for Cybertruck Parts Supply: Report

Seoyon E-Hwa, a company listed on the Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI), has secured a lucrative contract from American electric vehicle leader, Tesla. The order, expected to be around 300 billion South Korean won ($227 million USD), involves the supply of A, B, and C pillar parts for Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck, reports Maekyung (via […]

Tesla Cybertruck Looks Menacing Beside Cyclist, Spotted in Fremont

Tesla’s Cybertruck was spotted in Fremont, California, in new images shared on Reddit yesterday. The Cybertruck prototype was seen on Kate Road, stopped at an intersection, according to images shared by u/ajaysns. The Cybertruck’s size and scale can be seen as it is stopped next to a cyclist at the intersection. The truck’s side looks […]

Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event ‘Probably’ in Q3, Says Elon Musk

On Tesla’s Q1 2023 earnings report, the company saw record production and deliveries, with revenues of $23.3 billion, up 24% year-over-year. In regards to the Tesla Cybertruck, the company shared photos of its production line and also winter testing photos for the first time. “Equipment installation for Cybertruck production at Gigafactory Texas continued in Q1 […]

Here are Tesla Cybertruck Production Line and Winter Testing Photos

Tesla announced its Q1 2023 earnings on Wednesday after the bell, revealing $23.3 billion in revenue and $2.5 billion in net income, thanks to record production and deliveries. The company also showed off the first images of the Cybertruck pilot line at Gigafactory Texas, plus an image of the upcoming truck winter testing. “Equipment installation […]

Tesla Cybertruck Spotted on Test Track at Fremont Factory [VIDEOS]

Just a few days after Tesla and CEO Elon Musk teased crash tests for the Cybertruck, a pre-production version of the upcoming vehicle can be seen outside Tesla’s California factory. Tesla was spotted testing a Cybertruck on the outdoor track at its Fremont Factory this week, as spotted and shared by the YouTube channel Met […]

Tesla Launches Cybervault Charging Lock Box in China for $800 USD

Tesla has launched its Cybervault charging pile in China, designed to provide a convenient and economical home charging solution for Tesla owners. The charging pile weighs 13 kilograms and is compatible with all Tesla models. It has a single-phase 220V charging device with a charging performance of 32A/7KW and comes with a 6-meter-long charging cable. […]

Tesla ‘Cybercharger’ in China is a Mobile Connector Storage Box

After teasing a ‘Cybervault’ product coming on April 3, the upcoming product is actually a Wall Connector storage box dubbed ‘Cybercharger’, according to early screenshots of the upcoming announcement shared with Tesla North by a reader in China. Tesla’s documentation for customers details home charging solutions. Customers first purchase a Wall Connector for 7,200 RMB […]

Tesla Teases Cybertruck Crash Test [VIDEO]

Tesla today teased a crash test of its upcoming all-electric Cybertruck in a video the automaker shared on Twitter. Teased, because we don’t actually get to see the Cybertruck crash into the wall (or the aftermath, for that matter). We only see the much-anticipated electric truck hurtling toward a wall as dozens of onlookers observe […]

Tesla Reveals Cybertruck-Inspired Home Charger in China [PICS]

After teasing a ‘Cybervault’ unveiling was coming on April 3, Tesla has taken the wraps off appears to be a Cybertruck-themed home charger. The company shared the image on its social media channels in China yesterday. The translation for the image below says, “What is the reason for its splendor?”, while at the bottom it […]