FSD for Cybertruck Coming in Summer; Steering Wheel Nag Leaving

Tesla is finally set to roll out Full Self-Driving (FSD) capabilities for the Cybertruck in the coming months, according to CEO Elon Musk.

Responding to concerns about the absence of basic lane-keeping assist features expressed by a users on X, Musk replied, “We must focus on FSD for the other 99% of the fleet. Cybertruck FSD is a few months away.”

This means Cybertruck owners should expect FSD by the end of summer? Hopefully the timeline stays on track.

FSD Steering Wheel Nag to Go Away

Musk’s interaction on X also addressed another significant update in the pipeline. When questioned about the possibility of removing the frequent reminders for drivers to maintain contact with the steering wheel, Musk confirmed that these “nag” alerts would indeed be eliminated in the upcoming version 12.4 of FSD.

The steering wheel nag ensures drivers are paying attention and is a critical safety reminder. But with FSD 12.3.x, the improvements have been significant over version 11.

Yesterday, Musk confirmed FSD 12.4 would likely release “next week”, while also detailed what’s in store for FSD 12.5 and FSD 12.6.