Cybertruck Rodeo: World’s Largest Cybertruck Meetup Coming in June

Cybertruck rodeo

The DOMO Dove Nest Motorsports Club will host the world’s largest Cybertruck meetup, the Cybertruck Rodeo, set for Sunday, June 2, from 10am to 5pm.

The event aims to gather 100 Cybertrucks in one location, offering an array of activities and highlights for attendees, at 2225 Co Road 342, Gatesville, Texas, 76528.

Owners can bring their Cybertrucks to showcase in a light off-road setting at the DOMO Off-Road Club. Participants can choose between navigating a flat off-road track or a more challenging course, with exclusive Cybertruck tutorials available. The event also provides an excellent opportunity for professional networking, allowing attendees to connect with fellow enthusiasts and industry insiders within the electric vehicle community.

One of the main attractions will be the attempt to set a record with the world’s largest synchronized light show, featuring 100 Cybertrucks. Additionally, visitors can experience driving a Cybertruck through hands-on tutorials and test drives, welcoming both Tesla owners and those curious about the brand.

The Cybertruck Rodeo will feature a variety of foods and refreshments, including alcoholic beverages, with live music performances providing a lively atmosphere. The event is family-friendly, including a Kid Short Course where children can drive mini Cybertrucks and quads, ensuring a safe and exciting experience for younger attendees.

A special feature of the event is The Boring Company’s “Not” a Flamethrower, offering a fiery spectacle for attendees. The Cybertruck Rodeo promises a day filled with adventure, technology, and community fun. With the Cybertruck still ramping up its deliveries, seeing so many Cybertruck meeting up at one place is going to be on heck of a sight.