Tesla Cybertruck Milestone: Top-Selling U.S. Electric Pickup in Q2

tonneau cover cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck has emerged as the best-selling electric pickup truck in the U.S. for Q2, achieving a major milestone.

The Cybertruck outsold the Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T. The achievement was first posted by @Greggertruck, then reposted by @SawyerMerritt. Next, the official Cybertruck account on X reposted Merritt’s sharing of the original post, seemingly confirming the stat.

This milestone was achieved less than a year into the Cybertruck production ramp-up.

According to calculations by @TeslaTruckClub, Cybertruck deliveries reached at least 12,408 units by June 30. This estimate is based on data revealed from earlier Cyberturck recalls: 3,878 units delivered by April 4, 11,383 by May 26, and 11,688 by June 6, with an average of 30 deliveries per day between May 26 and June 6.

The Cybertruck’s success is attributed to Tesla’s unparalleled ability to ramp up production for its electric vehicle programs. Despite the initial skepticism and delays, the Cybertruck has managed to outsell its competitors, with an estimated delivery of between 8,000 and 9,000 units during the second quarter of 2024. This figure is higher than the estimated sales of the Rivian R1T, which is likely around 4,000 units.

This milestone is significant for Tesla, as it demonstrates the company’s ability to penetrate a competitive market and establish the Cybertruck as a leading electric pickup truck. The Cybertruck’s unique design, performance, and features have resonated with consumers, driving strong demand and sales.

Time will tell if the Cybertruck can become the best-selling truck overall, beating out the gas-powered F-150 series.

Despite this achievement, Tesla did not disclose specific production and delivery numbers for the Cybertruck in its Q2 report.