Tesla ‘Cybertunnel’ Debuts at Giga Texas for Cybertruck [VIDEO]


The Boring Company has announced that its latest tunnel boring machine, Prufrock-3, has completed its work at Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas. The tunnel, referred to as “Cybertunnel,” is expected to be operational by July.

The company shared the news via a post on X, stating, “Prufrock-3 has emerged in the @Tesla Giga Texas expansion! Cybertunnel will be online in July.”

Wes Morrell, Cybertruck Lead Engineer and Director of Engineering – Reliability, Test, and Analysis at Tesla, highlighted the benefits of the new tunnel in a series of posts on X.

He said, “Directly connecting from the end of Cybertruck manufacturing line to the logistics lot will help reduce traffic on site and improve quality. Since it’s effectively a giant pipe, maybe we should switch from measuring UPH (units per hour) to mass flow rate…”

Check out the video below:

When asked if Cybertrucks would be able to self-drive through the tunnel, Morrell confirmed, “This is definitely part of the plan.”

He also elaborated on how the tunnel will improve the overall quality of Cybertruck production. “There is nearly constant construction happening at GFTX (Gigafactory Texas), the tunnel will bypass all those dirty areas and also reduce the number of touch points (opportunities for something to get damaged),” Morrell explained.

The new Cybertunnel is set to streamline logistics and reduce the impact of ongoing construction at the Gigafactory, enhancing the efficiency and quality of Tesla’s operations.

Last year, Tesla follower @SteveHamel16 suggested a tunnel by The Boring Company at Giga Texas to easily bring cars exiting the factory to a finished car lot on the other side of highways outside the factory. Looks like that has come to life. This is overall a brilliant idea that will save time and increase efficiency of logistics.