2024.14.11 Release Notes: Tesla Cybertruck Bug Fixes

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Tesla recently started rolling out its 2024.14.11 software update for Cybertruck owners. The release started to hit Cybertruck owners on Friday, May 31, 2024.

What”s new in the 2024.14.11 release notes for Tesla Cybertruck? It includes minor fixes and improvements. It also includes other updates from 2024.14.3 and the main 2024.14 Spring software release for Cybertruck. Check out the details below…

Minor Fixes

  • Included in 2024.14.11
  • This release contains minor fixes and improvements

Off-Road Mode

  • Included in 2024.14.3
  • Overland Mode: Consistent handling and better traction on rock, gravel, deep snow, or sand
  • Baja Mode: Improved vehicle balance and handling with Stability Assist set to Minimal

Terrain Options in Baja Mode

  • Included in 2024.14.3
  • Terrain slider for optimized off-road performance
  • Smooth: Medium ride height, increased damping for body control and handling
  • Rugged: High ride height, optimized damping for rough terrain
  • Clearance: Very High ride height for large obstacles

Locking Differentials

  • Included in 2024.14.3
  • Engage locking differentials for improved traction on uneven or slippery terrain
  • Choose from locking differential options on the vehicle status area or Off-Road app
  • Use with caution; do not use on high-traction surfaces

Trail Assist

  • Included in 2024.14.3
  • Maintains a set cruising speed with minimal slip on rough or steep terrain
  • Adjust set speed by swiping on the right scroll wheel

Slippery Surface

  • Included in 2024.14.3
  • Optimizes Traction Control for snowy, icy, wet, or slick roads
  • Automatically adapts Traction Control to driving surface

Ride and Handling with a Load

  • Included in 2024.14.3
  • Adaptive suspension estimates payload accurately
  • Automatically adjusts damping for comfortable ride and consistent handling

CyberTent Mode

  • Included in 2024.14.3
  • Levels the suspension for a flat sleeping surface
  • Keeps tonneau cover open for tent accommodation
  • Lighting controls and outlets available in the Tesla app


  • Included in 2024.14
  • Listen to Audible Originals, audiobooks, and podcasts
  • Syncs seamlessly between device and Tesla

Spotify Queue and Playback Speed

  • Included in 2024.14
  • Sync Spotify queue across vehicles and devices
  • Adjust playback speed

Preview of Sentry Mode Recordings

  • Included in 2024.14
  • Preview recording clips on your phone when Sentry Mode triggers vehicle alarm
  • Requires USB with sufficient memory and Premium Connectivity

Speed Camera Chime

  • Included in 2024.14
  • Hear a chime when approaching a speed camera
  • Requires Online Routing and Premium Connectivity

Trip Progress Bar

  • Included in 2024.14
  • Displays progress bar in navigation reflecting live traffic conditions
  • Requires Online Routing and Premium Connectivity

Cybertruck Colorizer

  • Included in 2024.14
  • Customize Cybertruck appearance on touchscreen and Tesla app

Customize Scroll Wheel Functions

  • Included in 2024.14
  • Assign functions to left scroll button on steering wheel
  • Choose from multiple functions such as adjusting ride height, opening glovebox, and saving Dashcam footage


  • Included in 2024.14
  • Attend video calls with Zoom using interior cabin camera
  • Requires Premium Connectivity

Beach Buggy Racing 2

  • Included in 2024.14
  • Play kart racing game using Cybertruck’s steer-by-wire system

New Lock Sounds

  • Included in 2024.14
  • Hear new lock and unlock sounds
  • Enable or disable sounds in vehicle settings

Cabin Overheat Protection

  • Included in 2024.14
  • Maintains set temperature for up to 12 hours after parking
  • Turns off at 20% battery to conserve range

Front Passenger Air Vent

  • Included in 2024.14
  • Open or close front passenger air vent separately

Improved Turning Circle

  • Included in 2024.14
  • Improved turning circle by 1.6 feet

Better Route Available

  • Included in 2024.14
  • Navigation shows faster routes and reroutes automatically
  • Adjust reroute suggestions in vehicle settings

Wiper Controls

  • Included in 2024.14
  • Adjust wiper speed with left scroll wheel
  • Cycle through wiper speeds with wipers button

Security Improvements

  • Included in 2024.14
  • Important security fixes and improvements

Other Updates

  • Included in 2024.14
  • Full-screen browser when parked
  • Rear passengers see trip details on rear touchscreen
  • Swipe to delete Sentry Mode recordings
  • Valet Mode notifications
  • Latest game updates for Vampire Survivors and Polytopia
  • Rear touchscreen turns off when no passengers in back seat
  • Powered frunk detects obstructions better
  • Lower brightness for overhead lights when opening door with Dome Lights set to Auto

Security Improvements

  • Included in 2024.8.7
  • Important security fixes and improvements

One-Time Charge Limit

  • Included in 2024.8
  • Choose One-Time Charge option for road trips
  • Automatically reverts to daily driving Charge Limit after charging

Vehicle Alarm Includes Trailer

  • Included in 2024.8
  • Vehicle alarm monitors trailer plugged into hitch
  • Disable trailer alarm in vehicle settings

Rear Passenger Headphones

  • Included in 2024.8
  • Rear passengers can use wireless Bluetooth headphones
  • Pair headphones and listen to different audio from front

View or Reset Tire Mileage

  • Included in 2024.8
  • View miles traveled since last tire service
  • Reset counter after tire service

Auto Wipers

  • Included in 2024.8
  • Auto setting detects precipitation and adjusts wiping speed
  • Autopilot features set wipers to Auto automatically

Security Improvements

  • Included in 2024.8
  • Important security fixes and improvements