Tesla Cybertruck to Get Off-Road Mode and More in Huge Update

Cybertruck update 2

Tesla has announced a huge software update is coming for its Cybertruck, introducing an array of new features designed to enhance its off-road and on-road capabilities. The update, which includes the much-anticipated Off-Road Mode, is set to offer drivers a more robust and versatile driving experience.

The highlight of the update is the Off-Road Mode, which improves the Cybertruck’s performance on challenging terrains such as rock, gravel, deep snow, and sand. This mode includes various settings like Overland Mode for consistent handling and traction, and Baja Mode, which allows for more freedom in vehicle handling by adjusting the Stability Assist to minimal.

Cybertruck update 3

Another significant enhancement is the introduction of Locking Differentials for the dual motor all-wheel drive (AWD) setup. This feature enables the Cybertruck to redirect torque from a wheel with limited or no traction to the opposite wheel, providing better control on uneven or slippery surfaces.

Additionally, the Cyberbeast tri-motor variant offers a virtual rear locked differential that is continuously active in Overland mode.

The update also brings Trail Assist to the Off-Road Mode. This feature acts like a cruise control for off-roading, maintaining a set speed during both hill ascents and descents, which helps prevent wheel slip and allows the driver to concentrate on steering.

For on-road driving, the update enhances traction control with a new Slippery Surface setting, ideal for snowy, icy, or slick roads. This setting ensures even distribution of traction across all tires and includes an option to engage the rear locking differential temporarily for increased traction.

Cybertruck update 1

Further improving ride quality, the update adds an Adaptive Suspension feature that more accurately estimates the payload and automatically adjusts damping. This results in a smoother ride and more consistent handling, especially when the Cybertruck is carrying a load.

Additionally, the update introduces a novel CyberTent Mode, which levels the suspension for comfortable sleeping on flat surfaces and maintains essential features like lights, air conditioning, and power outlets. That will make sleeping much more comfortable, says Tesla.

You have to love how over-the-air software updates can make Tesla vehicles better. Cybertruck owners should be excited for this update.

You can check out a video from Top Gear, where Tesla gave the BBC publication a teaser of these new off-road features coming. Look at that screenshot of the Cybertruck catching some killer air:

YouTube video