Tesla Adds ‘Driver Drowsiness Warning’ in Latest Software Update

Tesla has added a new feature called ‘Driver Drowsiness Warning’ in its 2023.32.1 and higher software update, according to previous information from @greentheonly and a recent update to Tesla’s online manual for the EU (via @Tesla_App_iOS).

The feature is designed to alert drivers who appear to be drowsy by monitoring facial characteristics and driving behavior.

The Driver Drowsiness Warning system activates when the vehicle is driven over 65 km/h for a minimum of 10 minutes and Autopilot is not engaged. When the system detects signs of drowsiness, it displays an alert on the touchscreen and sounds an alert. The alert advises drivers to consider stopping and resting before continuing their journey.

Drivers have the option to disable or enable the feature by navigating to Controls > Safety > Driver Drowsiness Warning in the vehicle’s settings. The system automatically re-enables at the start of every drive cycle.

The system becomes inactive when the vehicle’s speed drops below 60 km/h. Tesla emphasizes that it is the driver’s responsibility to stay alert and maintain control of the vehicle at all times. The company warns that failure to do so could result in serious injury or death.

The addition of the Driver Drowsiness Warning feature in Tesla’s latest software update aims to enhance road safety by alerting drivers who show signs of drowsiness. However, Tesla stresses that the feature is not a substitute for driver attentiveness and responsibility.