2022.40.4.1 Tesla Update Release Notes: Tire Configuration for Winter is Here

2022 40 4 1 release notes

Tesla has started rolling out 2022.40.4.1 to more vehicles on Monday, part of a wider roll out of the 2022.40.4 update.

2022.40.4.1 was received on the Tesla North fleet today, showing the following release notes, which are similar to 2022.40.1, but with added Tire Configuration that lets you customize your wheel and tire settings if you have different winter tires and rims:

  • Sentry Mode and Dog Mode: both modes can be enabled at the same time; Sentry Mode alarms will be silenced if both enabled.
  • Improved Charging Efficiency: DC fast charging, thermal system controls now are optimized, improving both charging and on-route battery preconditioning efficiency. This means faster charge times and lower energy costs
  • Radio Station Logos: Media Player now shows radio station logos for improved discoverability when searching for favorite stations
  • Driver Door Unlock Mode: Long pressing interior door switch now will unlock all doors and the trunk. Controls > Lock > Driver Door Unlock Mode.
  • Tire Configuration: Reset learned tire settings directly after a tire rotation, swap, or replacement for improved driving experience. Controls > Service > Wheel & Tire Configuration > Tires.

To confirm your Wheel & Tire Configuration, you need to press the brake pedal with a key present to update. Once you change your wheel configuration, your Tesla will automatically reboot.

Did you get 2022.40.4.1 today on your Tesla?