2022.40.7 Tesla Update Rolling Out

Tesla’s software update 2022.40.7 was spotted for the first time on a California Model 3 All-Wheel-Drive Long Range on Thursday night, and the version’s rollout can be viewed live from Teslascope.

At the time of writing, the Model 3 seems to be one of two vehicles receiving the update, with one categorized as waiting for WiFi and another as installing.

Teslascope also noted in its post that this is not a Full Self-Driving beta version, with the versions originating from updates 2022.40.5 and 2022.36.6.

The page automatically refreshes every five minutes and will show detailed information about the update, including what updates the vehicles have updated from, how positively or negatively owners view the new update and how many vehicles are actually on the version.

The news comes just a few days after Tesla’s 2022.40.4.1 software update showed up for some, including a new winter tire configuration option and more. It also includes major improvements to Sentry Mode and Dog Mode.

It also takes place just two weeks after Tesla launched update 10.69.3 for Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta testers with the 2022.40.4 update.

Tesla also began rolling out FSD beta version 11 for some beta testers, enabling the software on highways and making significant improvements to the occupancy network’s nearby obstacle recall function.