Tesla Software Releases Notes are Coming to the Mobile App [Confirmed]

Update Nov. 28, 2022: Tesla just updated its iOS app and confirmed release notes are viewable in its app now.

The release notes for Tesla software updates are only available within vehicles, but that appears to be changing soon.

That’s according to information shared by @DirtyTesla and seemingly corroborated by a source to @Teslascope.

“Coming soon, the latest release notes for your Tesla update will be viewable in your app! No more running out to the car to see what you got!”, said @DirtyTesla on Monday afternoon.

It’s unclear when this update will be coming, but guesses are it might debut with Tesla’s anticipated annual holiday software update, which comes with new features and other goodies.

Normally, after installing a new software update, Tesla owners can only see release notes from the car. This is handy if you’re in your vehicle while the updates are happening. But for those that have external garages, visiting the car during a snowstorm to see release notes is a burden.

The Tesla mobile app recently was updated to show turn-by-turn navigation ETA and also media controls. It would be nice to be able to plan navigation from the app and view Supercharger information as well.