2022.36.1 Tesla Release Notes: Mobile App Media/ETA Details, Fixes Buzzing in Model S/X and More

2022 36 1 release notes

Tesla has started rolling out its 2022.36.1 software update and the latter now fixes an annoying high-pitched buzzing noise that was plaguing some Model S and Model X owners, that we reported about last month.

According to 2022.36.1 release notes sent in by a Tesla North reader with a 2022 Model S, we see the following updates:

  • Caraoke: also includes support for back seat passengers on the rear display
  • Energy App: monitors energy while driving and parked; shows energy consumed by different components, driving behaviours, environmental conditions; view energy used in trip projection and battery indicator
  • Cabin Overheat Protection: customize the activation temperature in settings
  • Tesla App: view additional media player details and ETA to a destination when route is active from mobile app (requires 4.13.0)
  • Supercharger Additional Details: redesigned Supercharger map popup shows historical busy times; tap on any Supercharger pin near vehicle
  • Car Left Open Notifications: now lets you know when doors have been left unlocked
  • New Language Support: Lithuanian

Did you receive Tesla’s 2022.36.1 software update today? Let us know if it also fixed the high-pitched buzz in your Model S or X, if you had that issue.