Tesla to Fix High-Pitched Buzzing in Model S/X with 2022.36.1 Update

Some Tesla owners have been complaining about a continuous high-pitched whining noise found in some Model S/X refresh vehicles, including Plaid variants. The annoying issue that happens while parked will be fixed in the upcoming 2022.36.1 software update (via Tesla Motors Club), a per a screenshot detailing the reply from Tesla customer service.

The buzzing sound in question was first reported following the 2022.24.6 update earlier this month. Apparently, it is the side effect of a vehicle performance improvement that was designed to increase efficiency by adjusting the flow of amperage within the battery.

However, it continues to persist and has even stuck around in the 2022.28.2 update, which started rolling out on Thursday.

The issue will be fixed in the 2022.36.1 software update. However, going by Tesla’s current release schedule for software updates, 2022.36.1 will likely land sometime in November.

In the meantime, Tesla reps have assured customers that the whining sound is not associated with any mechanical, electrical, or potentially hazardous concerns. Even if your Tesla is giving off a buzzing sound, it is safe to drive, park, and charge.

That said, the sound can be pretty annoying if you have to keep hearing it for a longer period of time. Some people have reported success with getting the noise to stop by making their Tesla sleep.

Check out a video of the buzzing sound in the video below:

You can get your Tesla to sleep and basically go into a completely inactive mode by turning off Sentry Mode, closing the Tesla app on your phone, getting the key fob well away from the car, and giving it some time to sleep. Once the Tesla goes to sleep, the whining noise will stop.

It could take up to 30 minutes of inactivity for your Tesla to go to sleep. In addition, it might take even longer if you’ve just gotten back from a drive or the car is overheating for some reason.