Tesla 2022.24.6 Update Transitions Radar Cars to ‘Tesla Vision’ Autopilot

Tesla recently started rolling out software version 2022.24.6, which is transitioning some more of the company’s electric vehicles (EVs) from a radar-based Autopilot system to “Tesla Vision” — reports Not a Tesla App.

Tesla ditched radar for the entirely camera-based Tesla Vision system last year, starting with the Model 3 and Model Y in North America. The company gradually extended the change to other models and regions.

Tesla Vision has proven itself just as capable as (if not better than) radar-based Autopilot. However, it limits the Autosteer feature to a top speed of 85 mph (140 km/h) and requires a longer minimum following distance with Autopilot enabled.

Some of the cars that hadn’t made the jump to Tesla Vision yet and were still running on a software version older than 2022.20.9 will adopt Tesla Vision with the 2022.24.6 update. The change only shows up under the 2022.20 release notes after installing software version 2022.24.6.

The updated 2022.20 release notes on cars making the transition read:

Your vehicle is now running Tesla Vision! It will rely on camera vision coupled with neural net processing to deliver certain Autopilot and active safety features. Vehicles using Tesla Vision have received top safety ratings, and fleet data shows that it provides overall enhanced safety for our customers. Note that, with Tesla Vision, available following distance settings are from 2-7 and Autosteer top speed is 85 mph (140 km/h).

To see whether your Tesla made the transition, you can view the 2022.20 release notes by going to Controls > Software > Release Notes. The 2022.24.6 update also includes UI improvements for the Blind Spot Camera, a new Tesla Profiles feature, Sentry Mode improvements, and more.

While Tesla has seemingly left radar technology in its rear-view mirror, the company interestingly registered a new high-resolution radar unit with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission earlier this year.