Stories by Nehal Malik

First Tesla Model Y Cars in Midnight Cherry Red Spotted at Showrooms in Germany

The first Tesla Model Y units in the company’s new Midnight Cherry Red colourway have landed at a Tesla service center and showroom in Ottersberg, Germany, as seen in images shared on Twitter by @TeslaBremen. — Tesla Bremen (@TeslaBremen) March 26, 2023 The same units were previously also spotted by @Berlinergy. Yesterday near Bremen🇩🇪 (overcast […]

How to Play Retro Games in Your Tesla

Tesla owners can pretty easily play retro games on their vehicle’s infotainment screen, as demonstrated by Twitter user @YoumotherFUDer. As detailed by Shawn, Tesla owners can play retro games in their vehicles by simply going to using the built-in internet browser on Tesla’s infotainment system. The website features a wide selection of retro games, […]

Tesla Model Y Tops Q1 EV Sales in Multiple European Countries

Tesla’s Model Y outsold all other electric vehicles (EVs) available in Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, and Spain combined between January and this week, according to data shared by Tesla enthusiast Roland Pircher (@piloly) on Twitter. BEV bestseller models in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Spain combined year to date. 🇳🇴🇸🇪🇩🇰🇪🇸 Tesla Model Y is killing it 💪 […]

SpaceX Offering Free Starlink Upgrades to Some Customers

SpaceX is upgrading some Starlink Best Effort customers to the service’s Residential plan, entirely free of cost (via Reddit). Starlink Best Effort is a lower-speed service option from Starlink for customers stuck in the company’s pre-order backlog. The Residential plan, meanwhile, delivers priority service at higher speeds. Both subscription tiers use the same hardware and […]

First Tesla Model S Plaid Arrives in Chinese Showroom

The first Tesla Model S Plaid has finally landed in China, arriving at one of the company’s showrooms in Shanghai, China, according to a tweet from @JayinShanghai. “It’s time to witness the ultimate driving experience that this beast has to offer. So, gear up and head over to the showroom to get a glimpse of […]

Tesla Owners Will Soon be Able to ‘Charge on Excess Solar’ from Powerwalls

Tesla will soon let owners of its electric vehicles (EVs) charge their cars using excess solar energy from a Powerwall, allowing them to “drive on sunshine,” as the company puts it. The information comes from Long Zheng (@longzheng), who pointed out code string changes shared by @Tesla_App_iOS for the as-yet-unreleased feature in the latest version […]

New Volkswagen CEO Ends ‘Friendly’ Rivalry with Elon Musk: Report

Volkswagen Group’s new CEO, Oliver Blume, isn’t interested in continuing his predecessor Herbert Diess’s longstanding “friendly rivalry” with Tesla CEO Elon Musk — reports Fortune. According to the publication, Blume told company managers in a meeting earlier this week that he has no plans to cozy up to the CEO of Volkswagen’s foremost competitor, which […]

SpaceX Expands Starlink Hardware Rentals to New Zealand

SpaceX is now offering hardware rentals for its high-speed satellite internet service, Starlink, in New Zealand (via Reddit). This comes after the company originally launched hardware rentals in the U.K. earlier this month. In New Zealand, Starlink hardware currently costs $729 NZD ($456.46 USD) to purchase outright after an ongoing 30% discount from its original […]

SpaceX Starlink Yet to Obtain Approval in Pakistan

SpaceX’s high-speed satellite broadband service, Starlink, has still not received approval to launch in Pakistan — reports ProPakistani. Reports of SpaceX reaching an understanding with the Pakistani government to roll out Starlink service in the South Asian country first surfaced in December 2021. At the time, Starlink had already registered a local subsidiary and was […]

Tesla Unlocks Model S Plaid Top Speed with Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit [VIDEO]

Tesla’s upcoming $20,000 USD Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit for the Model S Plaid has been confirmed to unlock the high-end electric sedan’s 200mph top speed, according to a new video from Sebastian Vittel (via @BLKMDL3). It looks like it’s CONFIRMED that the Tesla carbon ceramic brake upgrade unlocks the 200mph top speed of the Model S […]

Man Claims His Tesla App Let Him Drive Someone Else’s Car

Tesla’s mobile app apparently let an immigration consultant from Canada get into and drive someone else’s vehicle, according to a report from Global News. Vancouver, B.C., resident Rajesh Randev claims the Tesla app on his phone gave him access to and let him drive a Tesla that wasn’t his. Tesla owners can use the mobile app […]

Tesla Model Y Keeps Surging in Overall Car Sales in Germany

Tesla’s all-electric Model Y crossover was the fourth best-selling car in Germany across all powertrains between January and February 2023, according to data aggregated by Roland Pircher (@piloly). After the first 2 months, the @Tesla Model Y is the 4th best-selling car in #Germany. 🇩🇪 The growth rate is 324% year-over-year while many others are […]

New Tesla Superchargers Global Overview: February 27 – March 5, 2023

Here’s a list of all the new Tesla Superchargers that opened up across the globe this past week, courtesy of data from and the TMC Forums: Date Opened Location Number of Stalls Power Rating Official Listing February 27, 2023 Yeonyang-dong, Yeoju-si 414 12634 Yeoju Gyeonggi, South Korea 6 250 kW Tesla February 27, 2023 The REDESIGN […]

Tesla Model 3/Y Concept Imagines New Interior Refresh

Tesla has long been rumoured to be working on major design updates for its Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles (EVs), codenamed “Highland” and “Juniper,” respectively. While Tesla makes small iterations and changes to all of its vehicles throughout the production cycle, Highland and Juniper are expected to be major refreshes for the company’s […]

Supercut: Watch Tesla’s Investor Day 2023 in Just 28 Minutes [VIDEO]

Tesla on Tuesday held its 2023 Investor Day, where company CEO Elon Musk and others addressed shareholders, apprising them of the company’s current state and plans for the future. During the almost four-hour-long presentation, Musk and Co offered new insight into Tesla’s plans to ramp up to 20 million vehicles and detailed the automaker’s next-generation […]