Tesla and Uber Launch Optimized Battery-Based Trip Planning


  • Tesla drivers can now connect their vehicles to the Uber app.
  • The new feature allows Uber to assign trips according to drivers’ remaining battery range.
  • Uber drivers can take advantage of the new integration to ensure they don’t get any trips during which they’ll have to stop for a charge.

Tesla owners driving their electric vehicles (EVs) on Uber can now connect the Uber app directly to their car and share their real-time battery range (via @Sofiaan).

The new feature makes it possible for the Uber app to assign rides to drivers according to their vehicle’s remaining driving range. By connecting their Tesla EV to the Uber app and agreeing to share their battery level, drivers can ensure that they don’t receive trips their car wouldn’t be able to complete without stopping for a charge.

“Say goodbye to range anxiety,” the Uber app says. “Connect your vehicle to share your battery level with Uber. Then you’ll receive trips shorter than your remaining range.”

Image: @Sofiaan on Twitter

Drivers can give Uber access to their Tesla account by enabling the Share your vehicle data toggle within the Uber app.

EVs are quickly gaining automotive market share, and they are also becoming popular options for car rentals and ridesharing.

Last year, Uber expanded its Comfort Electric EV ridesharing program across the U.S. and also launched it in Canada. In fact, most of the Uber rides in Vancouver, B.C., during the past couple of months were facilitated by EVs, predominantly Tesla.