Tesla Dominates as Vancouver Tops in Uber EV Usage

Vancouver, BC, Canada, has seen a significant surge in Tesla vehicles operating as Uber cabs, thanks to a strong electric vehicle (EV) push and unique programs from both the company and the government.

In the last two months, most of the Uber rides in Vancouver were facilitated by electric vehicles, predominantly Tesla. This trend reflects Vancouver’s love for electric mobility and an increasingly prominent preference for green commuting options.

“In fact, Vancouver is the top city in North America when it comes to the percentage of electric vehicle kilometres driven on Uber,” Laura Miller, an Uber spokesperson, confirmed to Daily Hive.

This significant rise in Tesla-driven Uber services in the city can be attributed to Uber’s new initiative launched last year – the Comfort Electric program. This unique offering was exclusively rolled out in Vancouver, allowing riders to select a Tesla, Polestar, or Ford Mustang Mach-E as their desired ride at an added cost. Despite the higher price, Uber reports that the program remains popular among customers.

“Vancouver benefits from climate leaders at the municipal and provincial levels, which made it the ideal location for this program,” added Miller.

A push from government entities to transition away from fossil fuels also plays a significant role in this trend. Generous rebates are available from both Ottawa and BC for electric vehicle purchases, boosting the adoption rate of EVs. For example, the $5,000 CAD federal iZEV rebate applies to select Model 3 and Model Y trims, to go with a provincial rebate of up to $4,000 CAD.

Financial incentives are not just limited to government initiatives. Uber’s Zero Emissions Incentives, introduced earlier this year, allow drivers to claim up to $10,000 after two years of transitioning to any EV. Additional bonuses, such as an extra $1 per trip and a $250 bonus for the first 1,000 rideshare trips within a three-month Uber Pro Program Period, also contribute to the growing appeal of driving an EV.

Uber’s recent partnership with rental company Hertz adds another dimension to this trend. It offers drivers the option to rent Teslas on a weekly basis in Vancouver and two other major Canadian cities. According to Uber, this initiative has boosted EV adoption, with over 80% of participants never having driven an EV before.

To further support drivers in their shift towards greener transportation, Uber also provides discounted packages for setting up home charging stations through Wallbox.