Another Year, Another Tesla Leak

I find it truly hilarious that almost a year after Tesla’s legendary October 6th leaks, Tesla has done it yet again. I really do hope this becomes an annual trend, but Tesla hasn’t updated the Find Us map in months, so I’m not going to hold my breath.

As for me, this isn’t my long awaited comeback. It has only been a month after all. I’m just an angry guy with a keyboard looking for some redemption, and it seems I’ve found some.


So yeah, Tesla has actually managed to leak yet another bundle of Supercharger sites. This one seems to be much more contained than both of last year’s leaks, and is quite subtle at that. But that isn’t gonna keep my sleuthing skills from finding them…


As part of a recent update, sometime within the last week, Tesla seems to have mistakenly added address strings to a few dozen locations. Some were already leaked in December 2022, while a couple are new leaks from the Supercharger Voting program. (And just a side-question to Tesla: What’s the point of updating the map if you’re not planning on adding new locations? Like this is seriously too funny – and tell your boss to give me back my Twitter account)


Here is a summary of the locations that have been noticed so far, in no particular order: (E) stands for a previously leaked address and bold sites are new.



Kahului – 65 E Pakaula St (Maui Business Park)



Camarillo – 1775 E Daily Dr (E)

Oxnard – 858 S Oxnard Blvd (E)

Carson – 2 Civic Plaza Dr (E)

South Gate – The Crossroads at Firestone Blvd (E)

Chino – 12423 Central Ave (E)

Rancho Murieta – 7301 Murieta Dr (E)

Arnold – 2182 CA-4 (Meadowmont) (E)

San Juan Bautista – 404 The Alameda (E)

San Anselmo – 834 Sir Francis Drive Blvd (E)

Suisun City – 190 Pittman Rd (E)

San Simeon – 9520 Castillo Dr



Kanab – 373 E 300 S



Henryetta – 903 E Trudgeon St



Tallahassee – Westend Square (E)

Orlando – 8049 E Colonial Dr (E)

Cocoa Beach – Winn Dixie 2325 (aka Cape Canaveral)

Key West – Winn Dixie



Richmond – Staples Mill Rd

Bristol – Clear Creek Rd (E)


New Jersey:

Princeton – 1325 US-206



Best of all, the leak has provided some new addresses in Canada. Ain’t that awesome?


British Columbia:

Vancouver – 535 Smithe St



Gatineau – Mnt Paiement (720)

Bromont – Boul. du Carrefour

Tadoussac – 412 Rue du Bateau Passeur


So that’s all the updates I’ve managed to gather. It’s probably not the biggest story ever, but I’m not gonna complain, especially when Tesla so generously leaked addresses for some very long awaited Superchargers.


Anyway, that’s all from me for now, but I hope to be back soon with some more updates.

Wishing you all a great weekend, M


UPDATE: the 11 new (previously unreleased locations) have been added to the original Q4 Oopsie map, and are colored in bright orange.