The Weekly Supercharger: Mid-Atlantic Madness

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Weekly Supercharger!!


For the 8th week of this series, we’ll be covering a bunch of new locations, so many in fact that we’ve decided to split this week’s edition into two parts: one focusing on the Mid-Atlantic (per the poll results) and another on the rest of the US which goes out tomorrow at 1PM EST.


Kicking off the week, we have a bunch of new Superchargers in the “New” states of New York and New Jersey.

Let’s start off in New Jersey, where a new station is coming soon to Fairfield Township. Back in July of this year, Tesla appeared before the township planning board in order to gain approval for a 12-stall Supercharger at the Walgreens pharmacy off US-46 at Hollywood Ave. The plans call for the charging stalls to be built on the east side of the property, near the Dunkin’ Donuts.




Another Supercharger currently in the works in New Jersey is to be located in Ocean View, a small coastal town in southern New Jersey. At the end of June, permits were issued for a 12-stall charging site at the Wawa gas station on Shore Rd. Construction could begin as early as next week.




Now, to the second “New” state of New York, where another 3 Superchargers are in the making. The first of the of bunch is located in Cortland, where, just a few days ago, the local planning board approved an 8-stall Supercharger at the Starbucks on Clinton Ave, off I-81 south of Syracuse. According to the original source (WXHC New York), the chargers will be accessible to all makes of EVs. Whether this implies Tesla V4 Superchargers or their ongoing partnership with other OEMs remains to be seen.




The next Supercharger in New York is in a place that you could have sworn was actually located in the Netherlands. Last week, Tesla appeared before the Town of Wilton planning board to present their proposal for an 8-stall Supercharger in the hamlet of Gansevoort, at the Stewart’s Shops. The site is located right off Interstate 87, about 40 miles north of Albany.




For the last New York Supercharger of the week, we have a new station currently underway in Hampton Bays, in the Long Island township of Southampton. At the end of July, dig utility tickets were submitted by a known Tesla subcontractor in order to build a 16-stall charging station in front of the King Kullen supermarket. Reports from external sources have confirmed that the site is under construction.




Now, to Maryland, where a new Supercharger is planned in Baltimore County. In early August, a development permit was submitted in order for Tesla to build a new site in Cockeysville. Contrary to what was suggested by the surveys in the surrounding areas, it looks as if Tesla opted for a different site completely, with the location now being Yorktowne Plaza at 122 Cranbrook Road. The project has been approved by the Baltimore County Development Review Committee, all that remains now is for Tesla to get building permits.




Up next, a new Supercharger, along with a Buc-ee’s, are planned in Mount Crawford, Virginia. While this site isn’t going to be open for another few years, it is just fun to see the rapidly expansive Buc-ee’s portfolio expanding with Superchargers at pretty much every location. Back in July, special use permits were filed with Rockingham County for the massive convenience store at Friedens Church Road. The associated plan set includes drawings for a potential 24-stall Supercharger.




Another Virginia Supercharger currently in the works is Midlothian, a suburb of Richmond. Just this week, permits were filed, then immediately cancelled for an 8-stall site at an upcoming Royal Farms at 3901 Warbro Road. The reason for the cancellation looks like it could have been an accident, although it seems pretty likely that Tesla intends to pursue the location considering the running partnership with Royal Farms.




For the last Supercharger of this edition, we head to Pennsylvania, where a new site is planned in Caernavon Township (aka Morgantown). Last month, a zoning board hearing was conducted on the subject of a proposed Tesla Supercharger at the Sheetz on 3830 Main Street. The reason for the hearing is because the 8 charging stations would encroach upon the existing minimum setback requirement, as they would be placed within a few feet of the road. Now, although the minutes from this meeting have not yet been published, motions like this virtually never get denied, so it’s quite likely that Tesla wound up getting approved.




So that’s about all on the Mid-Atlantic side for this week, and pretty much everything for today, but no fret, because we’ll be back tomorrow with another handful of updates. We’ll see you all then!!