Watch Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe Chat with MKBHD [VIDEO]

Photo: WVFRM Podcast

Earlier this month, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe spoke with tech reviewer Marques Brownlee, who runs the channel MKBHD in a 43-minute interview for Brownlee’s WVFRM Podcast.

The discussion ranges in topics, with Scaringe detailing things like how the company got its start, Rivian’s adventure charging network and he even looks ahead to the automaker’s next-generation platform.

Scaringe discusses the origins of the name Rivian with Brownlee, including the team’s desire to come up with something that sounded similar to flowing water.

In addition, Brownlee also takes a moment to ask the common question of why Rivian doesn’t include Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in its interface.

Last week, Q1 sales data showed that Rivian delivered 7,946 vehicles in the three-month period, meaning the automaker is currently on track for its own forecasts of around 50,000 deliveries this year.

The startup automaker also announced plans to scrap the exclusivity part of its deal with Amazon for electric vans, meaning they could be sold to several other companies in addition to the e-commerce giant.

You can watch the full discussion between Brownlee and Scaringe below.

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