Tesla Wireless Charger Review and Teardown Impresses: “Amazing” [VIDEO]

Photo: JerryRigEverything

Tesla began shipping its new wireless device charger in March, as can be found on the company’s online shop.

Now, one YouTube channel has taken to unboxing the wireless charger, showing what comes in the box, how it works and generally reviewing the item.

Tech reviewer and teardown artist JerryRigEverything called Tesla’s wireless charger “amazing” in the video, which was shared on Thursday.

The wireless charger sells from Tesla for $300, and the box itself includes the wireless charging platform on which users can set smartphones, tablets, earbuds or any other devices that can charge wirelessly, with the Qi standard.

The shop listing says that the platform delivers up to 15W of fast-charging power per device, and as the video shows, you can use it with multiple devices at once, up to three.

It’s worth noting Apple tried to build a wireless charging pad called AirPower that never made it to market. But Tesla’s wireless charging mat leverages tech from a company called FreePower, who has figured it out.

Next, the box includes the USB-C cable with for the charger, and lastly, it includes a magnetic platform that can be used with your device while it’s charging.

In the video, Zack also breaks open the wireless charger, revealing a multi-layered array of copper coils beneath that are responsible for the actual charging.

Zack also shares a few details about how wireless charging works, including that it only works at 60 to 80 percent efficiency, compared to plugging into a wall charger which works at 100 percent efficiency.

You can watch the full unboxing of Tesla’s new wireless charger from JerryRigEverything below.

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