Tesla Powerwall 3 Coming Soon According to Utilities Filings

Tesla is getting ready to launch Powerwall 3, the next generation of its residential energy storage product, according to new utility applications for the product, and as reported by electrek.

The Powerwall 3 has been certified with a number of different utility companies, meaning that its launch could be imminent.

While the certifications did not include more details on the Powerwall 3’s specs or features, statements last year from Tesla’s Seth Winger, Tesla’s senior manager of solar products engineering, suggest that the next-gen product may be easier to install, have a better aesthetic and offer higher performance than the Powerwall 2.

Tesla’s Powerwall 2 launched in 2016 with a 13.5 kWh capacity, and electrek says it hopes to see this figure increase with the new technology.

In 2021, Tesla also launched the Powerwall Plus, offering a new power inverter and a higher overall output.

Last month, Tesla began selling Powerwalls without the purchase of solar products again, after the company forced customers purchasing the residential battery packs to also pair it with solar equipment for much of last year.

In Texas, Tesla launched “Tesla Electric,” an electricity plan that’s available to those who own a Powerwall.

As of last September, Tesla’s Gigafactory Nevada was producing as many as 6,500 Powerwalls and 42 of its Megapack commercial energy storage systems per week.