Tesla Powerwall+ Energy Storage Specs Revealed


Photo: u/tangard on Reddit 

While Tesla’s Powerwall 2 has been available since 2016, the company’s new Powerwall+ is now being detailed to potential buyers in product information sheets.

Tesla plans to share its specifications for the upcoming Powerwall+ energy storage bank, according to a potential Tesla buyer’s product information sheet (via Electrek).

The Powerwall is used in tandem with its solar roof, which captures energy for the Powerwall to store, in addition to energy from the grid. Powerwall units can also be used for charging Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs).

After announcing that Tesla solar panels and solar roof would only be sold with the Powerwall, the company’s CEO Elon Musk went on to explain that the Powerwall 2 would be unlocked via a software update to be able to access higher capabilities.

On top of the increased capabilities for the Powerwall 2, Tesla also plans to release a new Powerwall+ which offers an integrated battery, inverter, and system controller system, making for a smaller overall product.

In the product information sheet, Tesla writes, “Powerwall+ is an integrated solar battery system to store energy from solar production. Its integrated design and streamlined installation allow for a simple connection to any home, and improved surge power capability brings whole home backup in a smaller package. System smart controls enable owners to customize system behavior to suit their renewable energy needs.”