Tesla Electric Launches in Texas: Electricity Plan for Powerwall Customers

Tesla electric texas

Tesla has launched Tesla Electric in Texas, a retail electricity offering for retail Powerwall customers.

Tesla Electric is an “electric plan designed for Powerwall,” says the company. It offers real-time pricing for Solar and Powerwall exports.

According to Alex Guichet from Tesla’s Mobile App Product team, he says “It’s a pretty competitive rate offer. It has a peak pricing structure, but Powerwall and Tesla Electric Mode are your buffer to avoid peak prices.”

“And the best part of all: you can see the community power flow real time, including Tesla’s sustainable power sources (in Texas) feeding your home,” added Guichet.

“Solar and Powerwall can help you and your community accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. With Tesla Electric, your Powerwall automatically decides when to charge and when to sell electricity to the grid,” explains Tesla’s website.

“Together with other Tesla Electric members, you can maximize the value of your solar energy while using your Powerwall storage to add more renewable electricity to the grid. You can also achieve your own sustainability goals when importing electricity from the grid, as Tesla Electric offsets your usage with energy from 100 percent renewable sources,” details Tesla.

Tesla says “by sharing your energy with the grid—whether it’s being generated from solar or stored in Powerwall—you’re able to support your community and earn credits back on your electricity bill at the same time.”

Earlier this week, it was reported Tesla was approved by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) to begin a “statewide market design pilot” for its Virtual Power Plant (VPP) program, and this is what we’re seeing with Tesla Electric it appears.

For now, this offering looks to be only in Texas, home of Tesla’s headquarters. It’s unclear if this will expand to other markets but other destinations like California would seem like a suitable place to be included as well.