You Can Now Buy a Tesla Powerwall without Solar Products Again

tesla powerwall hero

Tesla updated its U.S. website on Friday to add standalone Powerwall sales without the requirement of a solar panel or solar roof product.

Back in April 2021, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced, “Tesla Solar Panels & Solar Roof will only be sold as an integrated product *with* Tesla Powerwall battery.”

Last fall, Musk provided an update to say, “for now, supply is too low, but ordering a Powerwall by itself should be possible end of year. Obviously, that never happened by the end of 2022, but standalone Powerwall sales are back three months into 2023.

But that looks to have changed as last night Tesla updated its website to add Powerwall back to its main menu, placing it beside Cybertruck.

For a California address, for example, a single Powerwall starts at $9,200 USD before taxes and incentives. Two Powerwalls are $17,200 and three Powerwalls are $25,200 USD.

Powerwall allows customers to “store energy for use at night when solar isn’t available.” The units can also “detect outages and recharges with solar to keep your appliances running,” while all management is performed via the Tesla mobile app.