Tesla Model Y Outlasts Competitors in Range Test to 0% Battery [VIDEO]

Photo: carwow

A video from carwow shared late last month shows a range test between some of the most popular electric SUVs, including the Tesla Model Y, the Volkswagen ID Buzz, the Nissan Ariya, the Mercedes EQA, the Genesis GV60 and the Audi e-tron Sportback.

Hosted by carwow’s Mat Watson, the test begins with the VW ID Buzz, with Mat saying that’s the car he would want the most. He drives them roughly from Oxford to Newcastle in the United Kingdom.

The tests show exactly what happened to each electric vehicle (EV) when the batteries ran out, whether finding a charging station just when the battery ran out, or, like the Tesla Model Y, simply winding up stranded in a field somewhere.

In any case, the Model Y performed quite while out of the bunch, making it a total of 285 miles, or about 81 percent of its claimed range. The Model Y could have made it to its charging destination, but Watson missed a turn and then had to pull over in a farmer’s field, then get towed on a flat bed.

Comparatively, the bottom two vehicles, the Mercedes EQA and the VW ID Buzz, drove just 208 and 203 miles, respectively.

Notably, both the Model Y and the Genesis GV60 both displayed 0 percent battery for 10 miles at the end of each test.

Watch carwow’s full range test with the Tesla Model Y, the VW ID Buzz and more below.

YouTube video